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Your safety as a patient is very important to us. We strive to do everything we can to promote safe care, and we also encourage you and your family to be our partner. While you're at Edward, consider yourself part of the team.

Edward Hospital has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration with the Director's Special Citation Award for exemplary sustained contributions in improving patient safety nationwide. Edward is one of 350 hospitals in the U.S. that participates in the FDA's Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun), a program that works with healthcare providers to identify, report, understand and solve medical device-associated problems.

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Speak up. If you have any questions, doubts or don't understand something, please speak to your nurse, or don't hesitate to talk to the charge nurse or manager on duty. We also invite you to call the Patient Advocate at 77225 with any compliments, complaints or concerns. 

Stop the germs. Hand washing prevents the spread of infection. Ask anyone who comes into your room, including visitors and care providers to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. 

Your ID. You may be asked to state your name and birth date, and/or your ID bracelet should be checked each time you receive a medication or a procedure. If we don't aks, please tell us.

Medication list. Give your doctor a list of all medications that you take, including non-prescription medicines, such as vitamins and supplements, and share any drug allergies you have. If you're prescribed a new medication, ask about side effects and what to avoid while taking it. 

Urinary catheters. While in the hospital, you may require a urinary catheter. Ask your nurse how long it will be in place and when it should be removed.

Get moving. If you have to spend a lot of time in bed, ask your nurse to help you out of bed or change your position in bed, if you are unable.

Call don't fall. The effects of illness, medication, bed rest and the presence of medical equipment can disrupt your balance and cause a fall. Ask for assistance when getting up.

Rapid response.  One important program we have in place is our Patient/Family Rapid Response team - an immediate way to get help.  At any time, if you or a family member are confused about your care or what needs to be done, call a Rapid Response.  An operator will ask for your name and room number, and your concern, so that he/she can send a healthcare professional to help.

While you're at Edward, consider yourself part of the care team.  Learn more about communicating with your team, staying safe, and more:


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