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About the Foundation


The Edward Foundation raises funds for Edward Hospital programs that make a difference in your health, mind and spirit. From treating cancer to detecting heart disease; from helping people overcome depression to bringing families together during difficult times, the Edward Foundation has raised more than $35 million since 1990. The generosity of our donors is an essential part of Edward Hospital.

Your gift matters

Thanks in part to your unrestricted gifts, the Foundation was able to donate $600,000 for GI Lab diagnostic equipment, $100,000 to HealthAware online disease screening, $32,000 for Edward employees pursuing a nursing degree.

This year the Foundation is donating $1.9 million for a second da Vinci Surgical System and it is also supporting the expansion and renovation of the Intensive Care Unit, serving our most critically ill patients. 

One of those patients is twenty-two year old Briana Silver. She came home from Thanksgiving thinking she only had Mono.  A few days later she was rushed to Edward’s ER and admitted to ICU with a diagnosis of  Lemierre’s Disease—an illness that is both rare and dangerous.  The infection caused her lungs to collapse, and her heart and kidneys to stop functioning. Thanks to the fast action and knowledge of Edward’s medical team, along with access to the best medical equipment, Briana has a second chance at life. Watch Briana’s Story (see video). What is saving a life worth to you?

Why We Need Your Support

With the changing landscape in healthcare, hospitals have to do more with less money. It costs $1.7 million per day to operate Edward Hospital ($620 million per year). Edward's revenues are about $600 million per year, leaving only $16 million to fund purchases of new equipment, make capital improvements, and undertake new projects.

Donate to the Area of Greatest Need


Join thousands in our community who support Edward through a tax-deductible gift to the Edward Foundation. Click on "donate" to contribute to Edward's area of greatest need, also known as an unrestricted gift. 

Some level of cash reserves are necessary in case of a major catastrophe, such a natural or man-made disaster or further erosion of financial investments. Financing major capital projects through borrowing creates a future debt-service burden and costs more than making capital improvements from current funds. Taking out a 30-year loan of $1 million today will cost over $2.1 million by the time it is paid back. Burdening the future with debt-service costs decreases the ability to address future capital needs without further borrowing.

As a result of our successful fundraising efforts, the Edward Foundation was able to donate 2.5 million dollars to Edward hospital – the largest donation ever. The projects that benefitted from this donation are impactful, unique programs that make a real difference in the communities we serve. The Foundation is proud to support these initiatives which include:

Hybrid Operating Room - an upgrade of an existing cardiovascular operating room, allowing physicians to perform hybrid procedures including Transcatheter Aoric Valve Replacement (TAVI), a significant evolution in technology which benefits patients previously considered ineligible for surgical intervention.

Linden Oaks at Edward - an expansion of the inpatient building by 8,500 square feet to accommodate the growing need for behavioral health services, projected to significantly increase due to the new healthcare reform legislation.

Improved Access to Care - Edward is committed to providing community healthcare. Last fiscal year, Edward provided nearly $77 million in community benefit programs. Of that, more than $12 million was in the form of free services and charity care for individual patients. Fundraising by the Edward Foundation played a crucial factor in this support.

Unrestricted donations allow the Edward Foundation to help fund the hospital's immediate needs — those high priority services, technologies and facilities that greatly impact patients and staff.

Thank you for your support! 

Please visit Ways to Give for giving opportunties


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