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Linden Oaks: Answering the call for mental health services

Access to mental health services
PHOTO:  Hard economic times can mean
high demand for mental health services.

Hard economic times can mean high demand for mental health services. Take the latest recession. For predisposed people a lost job and an underwater mortgage may have been enough to trigger clinical depression or anxiety so severe that it's difficult to function.

Unfortunately, access to mental health resources isn't what it used to be. "There's been a 30 percent reduction in U.S. psychiatric beds since the early '90s,"says Mary Lou Mastro, CEO of psychiatric services provider Linden Oaks at Edward. "Many psychiatric hospitals have closed; other facilities have cut psychiatric beds. A number of community agencies providing mental health services also have closed." Funding cutbacks account for much of these closures. Over the past three years alone, states have cut mental health funding by more than $2 billion.

Despite this trend, Linden Oaks continues to respond to our community's loud, clear calls for mental health and substance abuse services. It's even expanded to meet a demand that's doubled in recent years for both inpatient and outpatient services.

Thanks to an 8,500 square foot addition in spring 2012, Linden Oaks' inpatient facility on Edward's Naperville campus now houses 108 patient beds for adolescent, adult, chemical dependency, eating disorders and geriatric patients. And a recently opened outpatient center on Mill St. in Naperville offers adults and adolescents treatment for chemical dependency, depression, self-injury, bi-polar disorder and anxiety . There's also a 100-seat conference center for support programs and community education.

Says psychiatrist Walter Whang, MD, of the Linden Oaks Medical Group, "We have team members who work closely with local schools, faith communities, businesses and agencies to provide mental health education and support services. We want to get the word out that mental illness is treatable -- especially with early diagnosis and intervention."

Linden Oaks 24/7 Help Line

One phone call links you to our Help Line where a trained resource and referral counselor is ready to talk to you or a loved one calling on behalf of someone who may need treatment. Get started now by calling (630) 305-5500. During this conversation, our counselor will set you up with an appointment for an assessment of your condition and/or provide you with a referral for the best treatment options. We're here 24/7. Find out about Linden Oaks' free mental health assessments at 630-305-5500, or visit www.edward.org/lindenoaks


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