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As a leading center for the treatment of chemical dependency addictions, Linden Oaks at Edward offers a variety of services at each stage of the addiction and recovery process, including dual diagnosis, detoxification, and Detour for adolescents. Click here to download a brochure.

Our treatment approach
Recovery is about understanding how to communicate, control negative thought patterns, identify and express feelings, and learn skills to manage stress and anger. It is about learning how to have fun and using leisure time soberly. That is why we utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, life skills education and a host of other interventions to treat every patient - individually. We also use medication treatments when needed. Finally, we incorporate animal assisted therapy, poetry therapy, spirituality and mindfulness to help reach people who may need creative interventions to connect the dots in treatment.

Most of all, we partner with our patients and families. Together, we can win the fight over addiction.

Dual Diagnosis
We realize addiction is a disease and with it, individuals often experience more than one disorder - something we refer to and treat as a dual diagnosis. It is common for an individual with an addiction to be struggling with depression, anxiety or other disorder. Your addiction may be the result of trying to feel calmer or feel better from the depression or anxiety. But if your substance abuse has become severe enough, it could lead to a personality disorder, mood disorder or other behavioral problems. We look for this and treat the disorder along with the addiction for the best possible outcome.

Detour Program for adolescents
Linden Oaks offers Detour, a program for adolescents who are experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. It is designed for middle school and high school students and their parents to explore attitudes and behavior related to substance abuse. The Detour Program is offered at both our Naperville and Plainfield locations.

Frequent use of drugs or alcohol can result in physical dependence. When you try to quit, it is common to experience withdrawal symptoms. Our Addiction Services unit is a separate area in the hospital that offers treatment for those undergoing withdrawal as they stop the cycle of addiction. Patients are detoxified under the care of a psychiatrist, and our staff have specialized training to provide the medication, monitoring, and support needed during the withdrawal process.

For more information or to talk to a counselor, call our Help Line 24/7 at (630) 305-5500.


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