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Type 1 Diabetes - Teen


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Teens living with Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects the whole family, especially when a teenager is diagnosed (American Diabetes Association). 

Our mission: to provide education to help every adolescent & every family adjust to life with diabetes.

Many changes happen during the teen years: body changes, dating, smoking, driving, parties, & going away to college allow a teen to develop one’s own sense of self & decision-making skills.  The teen years can be difficult for many parents & adolescents. 

Managing diabetes is challenging for many teens.  They may have had good diabetes control as a child when mom & dad actively supervised their diabetes management, but as they take more responsibility for their diabetes, they may rebel or not always make the best choices.  

Most teens like to be like their friends.  Being different from friends can be stressful, especially for the teenager that lives with diabetes.  Anger & frustration related to living with diabetes sometimes can lead teens to not manage their diabetes effectively. 

Our Certified Diabetes Educators provide individualized education & counseling. The plan of care is based on your concerns & your questions regarding the management of your teen’s diabetes:

New Diagnosis Type 1 Diabetes:

  • address the stress & emotional adjustment to the diagnosis for both parent & teen
  • day-to-day management of diabetes
  • keeping your teen safe
  • exercising safely with insulin
  • hypoglycemia: signs, treatment & prevention
  • sick-day management
  • diabetes management in the school setting
  • applications on smart phones for carb counting/meal planning
  • evaluate effectiveness of insulin therapy
  • how growth spurts affect insulin needs
  • encouraging positive self-care in your teen
  • communication between you & your teen

From the American Diabetes Association website on coping with new diagnosis:

Existing Type 1 Diabetes:

  • fine-tune diabetes management if A1C not at-target
  • present wide swings in blood glucose readings
  • transition from multiple daily injections to insulin pump therapy
  • hypoglycemia: signs, treatment and prevention
  • education & training for continuous glucose sensor
  • applications on smart phones for carb counting/meal planning
  • refresher for carbohydrate counting
  • impact of Type 1 Diabetes on relationships & family functioning
  • alcohol, smoking, driving, dating and sexuality
  • transition from mixed insulin to basal-bolus/multiple daily injections
  • pattern management:  looking for patterns & finding solutions
  • encouraging positive self-care in your teen
  • communication between you & your teen.
  • preparing teens for self-management & going to college
  • understanding your insurance coverage & getting the most value for your money 

Suggested Websites:

American Diabetes Association 

Diabetes Camps

Books for kids and teens with type 1




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