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Keeping Allergies in Check

Keep your allergy symptoms in check

Ah, Spring. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing – and you’re sneezing like crazy.

If you’re male, you’re more likely to identify with that statement. Being male is one surprising risk factor for seasonal allergies, said Dr. Vinayak Dongre, M.D., a family practice doctor with Edward Medical Group.

Studies have also found that people who are first-born, people who were born during pollen seasons and infants exposed to secondhand smoke all are more likely to have allergy problems, Dr. Dongre said.

The stuffy nose, sinus pressure and fatigue that accompany seasonal allergies could easily drag you down. Especially since grass, trees and pollen – the prime causes of springtime allergies – are unavoidable.

Survive the season comfortably by keeping your symptoms in check, Dr. Dongre said. Try over-the-counter antihistamines first. If they’re not working, it would be wise to see a doctor.
A doctor can do skin or blood testing to identify your allergies. To do this, suspected allergens are introduced to the skin and if a reaction occurs, then you will be deemed allergic to that substance.

“Sometimes people have symptoms like an allergic reaction, but they’re not caused by allergies,” Dr. Dongre said. There is also a potential link between allergies and asthma that a doctor would be able to diagnose and treat.

Doctors often prescribe an antihistamine along with a nasal steroid spray to combat both the allergic reaction and the physical symptoms, Dr. Dongre said.

He suggested some other steps you can take to feel more comfortable during allergy season, including:

  • Staying away from pollen-producing flowers
  • Parking your car away from trees
  • Keeping pets outside or bathe them regularly if they’re indoors
  • Using mattress and pillow covers to avoid dust mites
  • Drying clothes in a dryer, not outdoors
  • Bathing and washing your clothing after being outside

To make an appointment with Dr. Dongre or any Edward Medical Group primary care physician, call 630-527-EMG1. Or visit EdwardMedicalGroup.org.


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