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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Heart Stories

Read Russell's Story

Totally blocked arteries meet their match at Edward Heart Hospital

This is a great new advancement to give patients options and improve their quality of life.

Read Boleslaw's Story

Doctors at Edward Heart Hospital use automated CPR device to help save life of Plainfield man

The LUCAS 2 helped ensure that his brain received sufficient oxygen so that he was spared any neurological side effects.

Read Eric's Story

Wife and son team use hands-only CPR to save husband's life

The CPR kept him alive until help got there. The hospital intervention was after the fact, frankly. The main reason he's alive today is because of the CPR he received at home.

Read Leon's Story

Edward offers option for high-risk heart valve patients

Since June 2012, the heart valve team at Edward Heart Hospital has performed nearly 50 transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) for patients with severe aortic stenosis, making it one of the busiest TAVR programs in Illinois.

Read Terry's Story

Cardiac teams join forces in Edward's Hybrid OR

The diagnosis: a leg aneurysm, which is a weakened, bulging area in a blood vessel wall.

Read Cosmo's Story

LVAD extends life for local heart patients

These devices can be an excellent alternative for people with end stage heart failure who aren't candidates for a heart transplant.

Read Mike's Story

Ignoring symptoms can mean heartache for loved ones

Mike Wojnowski came close to dying last summer after several months of ignoring mild cardiac symptoms.

Read Fernando's Story

Edward Hospital first in Illinois to implant MRI-safe pacemaker

Edward became the first hospital in the state to implant and Mata became the first patient in the state to receive a new MRI-safe pacemaker.

Read Patty's Story

Treatment options help heart failure patients live better longer

Patty O'Mara-Croft had surgery to insert an elastic netting around her enlarged heart to keep it from further expansion.

Read Anthony's Story

"It was getting harder to breathe the last six months or so"

The former tank commander, Battle of the Bulge veteran and prisoner of war wasn't fazed before or after undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), a new, lifesaving procedure at Edward Hospital to correct a condition called severe aortic stenosis.

Read Kenneth's Story

Kenneth needed a new heart but didn't want to take the place of a younger person on a transplant list

Clowers was given a left ventricle assist device (LVAD), which takes over the pumping function of the heart's left ventricle.

Read Pete's Story

Pete's scan strongly suggested the presence of an aneurysm, a dangerous bulge in the aorta

"We learned that his thoracic aneurysm was at 5.3 centimeters – at this point the risk of rupture increases," says Dr. Ramanathan.

Read Light's Story

Testing available at Edward for kids with heart problems

Light's right coronary artery was growing from the left side, instead of the right, a misplacement that could reduce the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the heart, and even lead to death.

Read Judy's Story

Taking action to get diabetes under control

Judy's A1C scores had been going up, even though she was taking insulin. The Edward Diabetes Center helped Judy get her diabetes under control and reduce heart and stroke problems.

Read Cheri's Story

"It's 8:58. Runners, take your places."

That's the last thing Cheri Kalas remembers before collapsing 100 yards into a 5K race last April. Here's her story...

Read Michael's Story

Find out your risk before it's too late!

Michael McGovern, a 57-year old Naperville resident, looked forward to his daily workout at the Edward Health & Fitness Center. And, he felt fortunate that heart disease didn't run in his family. That's why he was shocked to learn he needed triple bypass surgery.

Read Pat's Story

He said, "You need bypass surgery".

In just one week, Pat Bradley went from taking the HeartAware online screening to having triple bypass surgery.

Read Barbara's Story

I had to take charge of my own health

Barbara Hunt, a 61-year old wife, mother of two and grandmother of four saw an Ultra Fast Heart Scan as an opportunity to be in control of her healthcare and her future. Her take-charge approach paid off.

Read Bert's Story

A life-saving decision

After the death of a fellow Joliet police officer, Bert Badertscher felt it was time to check out his own health situation. It turned out to be a life-saving decision.

Read Michael's Story

He said, "We just gave you back 10-15 years".

Michael Mosko had quadruple bypass surgery performed on February 14, 2008, Valentine's Day, the date recommended by his primary care physician, Scott Love, MD, of DuPage Medical Group.

Read Richards's Story

HeartAware provides nudge for those at risk

In early 2009 Naperville resident Richard Kotowski, 51, had been experiencing chest discomfort whenever he used his snowblower or walked on his treadmill. He visited Edward Hospital's Web site where he found the HeartAware risk assessment.

Read Tom's Story

On the 15th hole I started to feel a lot of pain in my back

Tom Siok, of South Barrington is thankful for "...another chance to embrace life" following complex and lengthy surgery at Edward Hospital to repair a dissected aorta.

Read Thomas' Story

Putting the squeeze on heart failure

Thomas Casper, a 67-year old St. Charles resident, didn't meet the criteria for a heart transplant. But, neither were there any HearNet netting traditional surgical or medication alternatives to treat his enlarged heart.

Read Eric's Story

Here comes that heartache again

Doctors at Edward Heart Hospital treated Eric AuCoin's recurring coronary artery blockage with brachytherapy, a procedure that uses sophisticated radiation equipment.

Read Jim's Story

This doctor saved my life

What should have been a short flight home from Las Vegas turned into five consecutive hours and a long airline delay for Jim Durkin. When the Woodridge resident finally stood up to exit the airplane, he had excruciating pain in one leg.

Read their Story

Friends honor fallen ISU classmate, get scans

Julie Losasso (white lab coat), Edward Hospital manager of cardoivascular prevention, education and outreach services, is joined by (from left) Lynne Weber, Marilyn Bottoff, Kathy Pfeiffer, Malene Norris and Nancy Kuglin, all of whom had heart scans following the death of their college classmate.

Neurology Stories

Read Demetria's Story

Demetria noticed problems with her balance in early 2001 but resisted going to the doctor until she fell down in her living room a few months later

She works with neurologist Dr. Henry Echiverri to create a treatment plan that has improved her MS symptoms.

Read Tony's Story

"I now have my life back," says Tony after treatment for cluster headaches at Edward

When he saw Dr. Sajed at the Headache Clinic in May 2012, Elder says, "He could see I was at the end of my rope and he began treatments immediately."

Read Linda's Story

"I couldn't bend over to pick things up and I couldn't sleep lying down"

Her doctor sent her to the Edward Spine Center where CT scans revealed she had two fractured vertebrae. The doctor told Linda she could continue a conservative approach, using pain medications and adding a back brace, or she could have surgery.

Read James' Story

"The pain was so severe I let out a small cry"

Dr. Michael Caron, a neurosurgeon with the Edward Neurosciences Institute, diagnosed Fijolek with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) on his spinal cord and admitted him to the hospital for surgery.

Read Jane's Story

The dull ache would be punctuated by a sharp, stabbing pain in the back of her head

In June, when she'd had a migraine for 14 days straight, she finally saw Mohammad Sajed, MD, head of the Headache Clinic at the Edward Neurosciences Institute and Edward Hospital's Medical Director of Neurocritical Care.

Read John's Story

Edward Hospital patients have a new option in managing chronic pain

"It's made a big difference in my outlook," Hilgenberg says. "My family said, 'Dad, we can tell you're not in the pain you were in.'"

Read Mary's Story

"I eventually had a severe headache for two weeks..."

Naperville resident Mary Lantz, 27, is one of about 28 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, a process that begins in the brainstem when overactive nerve cells send signals to the blood vessels causing them to constrict.

Read Brandon's Story

Everything turns out right on upside down day

"While getting ready to drive my wife to the hospital, I suffered a stroke," says Brandon, 31 years old, of Romeoville.

Read Amanda's Story

Stroke strikes the young, too

Amanda Schauer, aspiring pastry chef, was saved by a thin wire and a corkscrew-like retrieval device from an artery in her hip up to the brain to pull out a stroke-causing clot.

Read Peter's Story

The doctor and I knew immediately that it was something else...

Peter Clarke didn't think much of the tiny bump on his head until he decided to have it removed several years ago.

Read Elin's Story

Quick work by neurosciences team saves life

29-year old Elin Inorio, following treatment at the Edward Neurosciences Institute for a ruptured aneurysm. The doctors went from saying 'unusual' to 'remarkable' to 'this is a miracle'.

Cancer Stories

Read Kristina's Story

Edward assessment team helps Naperville woman manage cancer risks and fears

"I'm very grateful for the (risk prevention) program. If I weren't flagged and recommended for more testing I wouldn't have had the information I need to make this decision."

Read Shelia's Story

Aurora woman takes action against high cancer risk

"I'm hoping being vocal about my issues will encourage others to ask questions and get tested when they otherwise may not have (done so)."

Read Denise's Story

First-time mom's cancer experience leads to new perspective, fundraising

"I would not be where I am today without the excellent communication, empathy, professionalism and the amazing quality of care I received from everyone at Edward Hospital."

Read Brenda's Story

Aggressive surgery = second chance for sarcoma patient

"I'm just glad that we found Dr. Undevia and Dr. Salti. I wasn't ready to give up."

Read Don's Story

Volunteers bring Faces of Hope to Edward cancer patients

"It gives us a chance to let them know they're with other people who understand what they're going through"

Read Amy's Story

ACS Wig Boutique on Edward Plainfield campus open to all cancer patients

"The idea of losing my hair was one of the things that bothered me most"

Read the Grispo's Story

Pediatric cancer care more convenient due to Edward-Comer partnership

The collaboration offers the latest technology and protocols available from an academic medical center, with the convenience of receiving some treatment close to home.

Read Kimberley's Story

Some cancer patients find hope in HIPEC, an innovative cancer treatment

An ultrasound revealed a rare type of tumor the size of a softball on her right ovary. The pathology study indicated it was a metastatic tumor from an unknown primary origin.

Read Mike's Story

Patients get help fighting cancer and accompanying stress in support groups

In early 2010, Aurora resident Mike Stamm learned his prostate cancer had returned after a 25-year remission. The Stage 4 disease was now attacking his gastrointestinal tract.

Read Dean's Story

Study offers hope for patient with rare cancer

In spring of 2008 Dean Nickens, 60, of St. John, Missouri, learned the bump on his leg he thought was a routine injury was actually a type of sarcoma, called chondrosarcoma.

Read Gretchen's Story

"This therapy uses 100 percent oxygen at pressure that is two to three times the pressure we normally experience"

When Lisle resident Gretchen Arnott was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2006, she didn't know her upcoming battle would give her a common experience with some deep sea divers and astronauts: a stint in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Read LuAnn's Story

"I've been concerned about my lung cancer risk for years"

If you have a history of smoking and worry about the consequences, you may be a candidate for Edward Hospital's new lung cancer screening program.

Read Annabelle's Story

In Annabelle's case, the tumor was a soft tissue cancer

Three-year old Annabelle Threadgill of Ottawa, Illinois was born with a lump in her arm caused by a condition called aggressive fibromatosis, which can be a difficult disorder to diagnose.

Read Sheri's Story

Genetic counseling helps family fight cancer risk

Thirty-nine year old Sheri Reed's family health history includes breast cancer that took the lives of her grandmother and three of her grandmother's four sisters at an early age.

Read Pat's Story

Rapid Arc Means Rapid Return to Active Lifestyle

Pat Keane had never heard of photon radiation before his cancer diagnosis. In fact, he hadn't given much thought to cancer treatment at all. That changed three years ago when the lump Pat noticed in his neck turned out to be cancer in his right tonsil.

Read Lynette's Story

They know their cancer stuff!

Lynnette Dattomo, with her dog Mater, says doctors, nurses and staff at the Edward Plainfield Cancer Center helped her deal with the emotional impact of breast cancer as well as the physical side effects.

Read Elizabeth's Story

You have to be in charge of your own health

Early in her second pregnancy, Elizabeth Burdett, of Naperville, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer – a disease so aggressive that it's usually in the latest stages before being discovered. Her prognosis was five years – at the most. That was 12 years ago.

Read Susan's Story

It was time for Susan to consult a surgeon

The tests showed that Susan had stage III breast cancer, meaning the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. When Susan later needed a biopsy for a lump in her armpit, she went directly to Dr. Zimmermann.

Read Judy's Story

The care made everything more tolerable

Time stood still for Judy Johnson when micro-calcifications were detected in her breast during a routine mammogram. She was told that she needed a biopsy. The results of the biopsy showed that she needed a lumpectomy, which determined it was breast cancer.

Read Mary's Story

Edward truly is a place for people who don't like hospitals

Solka, a 28-year-old Plainfield resident, received chemotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma from August through November. Twice a week, she visited the Edward Plainfield Cancer Center for treatment.

Surgery Stories

Read Kailey's Story

Cheerleader back in action with help from spine surgeon

With Dr. Paul's expertise and care, the dedication of her physical therapy team, and her determination and hard work, she is a walking, talking, cheering miracle.

Read Vicky's Story

With anterior hip replacement, patients benefit from a smaller incision

Before anterior hip replacement surgery, Naperville resident Vicky Joseph was challenged every day to do things about which most people wouldn't think twice.

Read Richard's Story

Endoscopic ultrasound: Another tool for early cancer detection

"My doctor said, 'Let's get an MRI to rule out kidney stones,'" recalls Samonte. "There were no stones, but the MRI showed that the pancreatic cyst had tripled in size."

Read John's Story

Edward Hospital patients have a new option in managing chronic pain

"It's made a big difference in my outlook," Hilgenberg says. "My family said, 'Dad, we can tell you're not in the pain you were in.'"

Read Peter's Story

da Vinci Surgical System treats prostate cancer

According to Peter Lewis, 65, of Lisle there's no doubt he made the right decision choosing da Vinci as the way to remove his prostate gland because of prostate cancer.

Read Mary's Story

The (XLIF) procedure is wonderful

Mary Bonda, a 62-year old Winfield resident, is once again taking her regular two-mile walks following a new minimally invasive procedure to relieve certain types of back pain.

Read John's Story

Minimally Invasive Surgery means less is more

If John Benz's belly aches had occurred a dozen years ago, the 67-year-old Naperville man may have faced a more difficult choice about his treatment. His pain was a result of diverticulitis, an inflammation in the tiny pouches, called diverticula, which develop in the colons of most people over 60.

Women & Children's Stories

Edward Plainfield Kid-Friendly ER

Plainfield Kid-Friendly ER Calms Children's Fears

"We have four dedicated rooms decorated for pediatric patients and a family waiting area that's more kid-friendly with kid-sized furniture and an activity table."

Read Baby Michael's Story

Baby born 16 weeks early arrives home for Mother's Day

We got here and everybody was just lining up. It was amazing. This facility has been incredible.

Read Kyle's Story

Dads-to-be gain confidence at Daddy Boot Camp

Edward Hospital's Daddy Boot Camp is a three-hour program that helps dads-to-be become confident and proactive in caring for their baby.

Read Holly's Story

Patients learn to manage painful bladder syndrome

Symptoms vary, and urine tests for infection come up negative. Many of these women have gone months, even years, without the correct diagnosis.

Read Tiffany's Story

Mom of preemie finds comfort in Edward's Ronald McDonald Family Room

It was comforting to know there was someplace to go for a breather or a snack where I could still get back to the baby in almost no time.

Read Kathy's Story

"Most nights I was only able to sleep about three hours"

Kathy Pasco is starting to sleep longer after being treated for a sleep disorder following a horrible car accident.

Read Elizabeth's Story

Between 14-23 percent of women will experience depression during pregnancy

Twenty-four weeks pregnant with triplets and trying to keep up with a one year old son at home, Lemont resident Elizabeth Rose, 31, was feeling overwhelmed and struggling.

Read Marissa's Story

Helping hands reach out to high-risk moms

Marissa spent 47 days in Edward's Antepartum Unit. "I don't think the pregnancy would have lasted that long if it weren't for the staff at Edward," says Marissa.

Read Bella's Story

Against the odds - a baby's story

Bella was born with a giant omphalocele, a 1-in-10,000 condition in which the body's abdominal organs are outside of the body - intestines, liver, spleen and stomach in Bella's case.

Read Kyla's Story

We felt 100 percent comfortable in having her in Dr. Smith's hands

In spring of 2004, Dawn Batchelor went in for a prenatal ultrasound. The then mother of three had sailed through these screenings before. But this time was different. The images showed a condition in the fetus called antenatal hydronephrosis.

Read Michael's Story

The pediatric ER is exceptional

Michael experienced bleeding on the brain, one of the serious complications associated with afibrinogenemia, a rare, inherited blood disorder in which the blood does not clot normally.

Read Anissa's Story

Elgin mother delivers natural quadruplets

The Medrano family grew by four on October 4, 2006, at Edward Hospital in Naperville when Anissa Medrano, 30, of Elgin, delivered quadruplets.

Read Michael's Story

Tiny fighter has experts in his corner

At the ripe, old age of 16 months Michael Gillespie has been through more medical procedures, treatments and trauma than most adults.

Read Jessica's Story

I was like, "Oh my god, this is my girl".

Yorkville resident Jessica Ellinger, 29, had just learned she was having a girl. She was about five months pregnant when her OB/GYN discovered Ellinger was already dilated 2 centimeters. The perinatologist, Donald Taylor, DO, told her she could go on bed rest and undergo a cerclage, a surgical procedure to close the cervix - or risk losing the baby.

Read Logan's Story

Born with only a sliver of the left heart

Robert and Kimberley Weaver of Plainfield learned their three-day-old son, Logan, had a life-threatening condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital condition that can include a variety of problems with the left side of the heart.

Emergency Stories

Read Kris' Story

Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you

58-year old Kris Chrzan of Naperville knew something wasn't right. Because she heeded her body's warning signs, she received the proper assessment and treatment in Edward Hospital's emergency department and, three days later, underwent life-saving heart surgery.

Read their Story

I know you don't deliver babies often in the ER...

Dominic Frigo entered the world on September 9, 2008 in a way his parents won't forget nor will the doctors, nurses and staff on duty in Edward Hospital's emergency department that very early morning.

Diabetes Stories

Read Stephanie's Story

"When you have a long-term disease you really need education and support to keep on track"

Visits to the doctor revealed Stephanie Stadtherr had a tumor and a cyst in her kidney. In January of 2012 she had surgery to remove the growths and part of her right kidney. Then, her vision started to blur as a result of diabetic retinopathy.

Read Donald's Story

Managing Diabetes Easier Thanks to New Technologies

Donald DeJohn, 58, has had difficulty managing his glucose levels. He was beginning to have diabetes complications, including neuropathy – numbness in his hands and feet.

Read Judy's Story

Taking action to get diabetes under control

Judy's A1C scores had been going up, even though she was taking insulin. The Edward Diabetes Center helped Judy get her diabetes under control and reduce heart and stroke problems.

Other Stories

Read Jennifer's Story

Finding one's passion: a boost to self-esteem, a blow to bulimia

"Building self-esteem also is key to recovery."

Read Mick's Story

Chronic knee pain zapped by neurostimulator

"I can keep going longer without having to rest because of the pain, and I've cut back a lot on the pain meds."

Read the Olvera Family Story

Free ProActive Kids program helps kids with weight challenges

"This program has given Isabel the foundation for being healthy for the rest of her life."

Read Tiffany's Story

Life after eating disorder is good for Aurora mom

"I always believed that I would learn to change my behavior, but I'd struggle for the rest of my life with the thoughts (about weight). I no longer have those thoughts. I learned that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible."

Read Stan's Story

Edward's community benefit nearly $100 million

"The program is really great. It helped ease my mind about the financial situation," says Stan. "I didn't have to go to the doctor's office worrying about how to pay."

Read Richard's Story

New rehab equipment gets patients back on track

We're one of the few area hospitals with a partial body weight support system to help patients re-learn to walk.

Read Pat's Story

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps heal stubborn wounds

Pat Wujcik is finished with HBOT, but regularly visits the Wound Healing Center. And the best news is that the therapy has saved Wujcik's foot.

Read Finus' Story

Rascoe's sleep study showed that he stopped breathing an average of 22 times per hour

In sleep apnea, the throat becomes at least partially blocked during sleep. This causes the person to stop breathing for short periods.

Read Angelica's Story

"The (PAK) program was life-changing, and I'm so grateful that it was free"

ProActive Kids (PAK) is a free program that puts 8 to 14-year old DuPage County kids on the path to achieving their goal weight and a healthier lifestyle.

Read Gretchen's Story

"This therapy uses 100 percent oxygen at pressure that is two to three times the pressure we normally experience"

When Lisle resident Gretchen Arnott was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2006, she didn't know her upcoming battle would give her a common experience with some deep sea divers and astronauts: a stint in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Read Irv's Story

"The biggest benefit of the group is being with people who understand our feelings"

On Friday, October 13, 2008, Naperville resident Irv Scherman and his wife Natalie celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first date. Leukemia claimed Natalie's life later that month.


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