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Heart Health


Edward is committed to quality corporate health education. We offer a variety of topics to increase employee health awareness and encourage self-responsibility to creating a healthy and well lifestyle. If you have any special requests or have a particular topic in mind, we will be happy to arrange an appropriate speaker. Lecture topics are available upon request and are listed below. The fee is $200 per lecture. Contact Occupational Health Support at (630) 527-7696 to coordinate your program. 

Are You an Apple or a Pear?  What Your Body Shape Says About Your Health
Understand how to calculate BMI and measure waist circumference and waist to hip ratio.  Discuss what body shape means.  Distinguish between visceral and subcutaneous fat.  Identify specific diagnoses associated with body shape.  Explain strategies for weight loss and disease prevention and early detection.

Baby Boomers
Discusses upcoming challenges women face with their health.  Provides strategies to be proactive against heart disease, cancer and stroke (3 top causes of mortality).  Briefly discusses osteoarthritis prevention and menopause.

Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer
Define high blood pressure.  Discuss the dangers of high blood pressure; lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure; and recording an accurate blood pressure.

Childhood Obesity:  Let's Make a Difference
Discusses the prevalence of obesity in this country.  Describes the risks of being obese/overweight children.  Identifies actions to take to decrease the risk of becoming obese and ways to maintain healthy weight in children.

Cholesterol:  The Good, the Bad; End the Confusion
Understand how cholesterol abnormalities impact arterial plaque formation.  Review risk factors for heart disease.  Understand the different types of cholesterol and their ideal ranges.  Learn strategies to improve your cholesterol numbers. 

Fighting Fat in Your 40s
Review the causes of middle age weight gain.  Discuss medical complications of middle age weight gain.  Identify key cardiovascular screenings for women in their 40's.  Explain how to prevent or reverse weight gain through diet and exercise.

Healthy Arteries, Healthy Heart, Sharper Brain
Review the vital role that arteries play in keeping your organs healthy.  Learn how diseased arteries increase risk for heart attack, stroke, aneurysm and leg problems.  Analyze new tools to diagnose circulatory problems.  Illustrate common vein problems.  Identify strategies for keeping your circulation healthy.

Freedom from Smoking
An adult smoking cessation program that focuses on positive behavior change and stress management.  It is sponsored by the American Lung Association in conjunction with Edward Hospital.  The program includes nine (9) sessions over an eight (8) week period.  Each session is 90 minutes in length and is designed for groups of up to 16 participants.


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