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Edward is committed to quality corporate health education. We offer a variety of topics to increase employee health awareness and encourage self-responsibility to creating a healthy and well lifestyle. If you have any special requests or have a particular topic in mind, we will be happy to arrange an appropriate speaker. Lecture topics are available upon request and are listed below. The fee is $200 per lecture. Contact Occupational Health Support at (630) 527-7696 to coordinate your program. 

Fitness Beginnings
This class is a concise, no-nonsense guide to starting a regular exercise program.  An exercise physiologist will present fitness basics that can help us look, feel, think and live better.  This class will cover exercise guidelines, body composition, metabolism and minor fitness injuries.

How to Start a Home Fitness Program
Do you want the convenience of home-based exercise but not sure how to start?  This lecture will offer tips on flexibility, aerobic, and strength activities that require minimal space and equipment.  Home exercise equipment and videos will be discussed.

Blast the Fat with Intervals
Have you hit a plateau with your workout?  Can't seem to shake those last 10 pounds?  Need something new to recharge your program?  Try interval training.  What is it?  Incorporating a block of cardiovascular exercise and then an immediate block of weights, then back to cardio, etc.  Burn major calories and bring the fun back into your workout.

Keeping Fit in a Stressful Society
An exercise physiologist will discuss the relationship between stress and the human body.  This program will cover the benefits of exercise as they relate to stressful events.  It will also present practical suggestions of how to fit exercise into a busy schedule.

Jump Start Your Metabolism (Naturally)
Muscle strength is an important component of keeping physically fit.  Increasing your lean muscle mass will increase your resting metabolism which influences how efficient your body is at burning calories.  Learn how a light strength-training program can complement your regular workout and enhance your overall well being.

Take a Hike:  The Benefits of Walking
Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, burns calories and strengthens bones.  And it doesn't require expensive equipment or gym time.  A physical therapist will review the current medical literature which finds many health benefits to walking regularly.  Plus, you'll learn all you need to know to start walking your way to excellent health.

Exercise and Aging
Our concepts of aging are changing but we each grow older with every passing day.  This lecture will describe the aging process and what happens to our bodies.  It will also present the lasting benefits of regular exercise.  Exercise will increase muscular strength, flexibility and bone density to help maintain a long and quality lifestyle.  It's never too late to start!

Fitness Question and Answer Session
An exercise physiologist will serve as a group personal trainer.  Any question given to the personal trainer prior to the presentation will be addressed as well as questions that arise during the session.

Workstation Yoga
Did you know that non-strenuous activities repeated at the office every day can lead to muscle tension, back injury, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  This program will focus on traditional yoga postures and breathing techniques that have been modified so they can be done while sitting or standing at your workstation to bring relief to those aching muscles and relax your mind.  Class will be led by a certified group exercise instructor and yoga teacher.


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