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When to come to the hospital
Notify your doctor immediately if you experience any of these Warning Signs at any time during your pregnancy or if you experience Signs of Preterm Labor prior to your 37th week of pregnancy.  

When you are in labor and your doctor tells you to come to the hospital, (usually once labor is well-established and contractions are about 5 minutes apart), you will come directly to the 1st floor Labor & Delivery entrance to the Maternity Unit. Learn more about how to prepare for the big day, including mapping your route to the hospital, visitor policies and making a packing list.

OB Preadmission Reminder: Pre-registration should be completed as early as possible in your pregnancy. Your obstetrician can give you a form to fill out, or you can complete your pre-registration online. We would like an opportunity to talk with you prior to admission in order to provide better care during your hospital stay. 

Delivery Day
The last nine months may have seemed to last forever, but now you're on the home stretch. Learn what happens on the delivery day, from signs of labor to tips for labor coaches. 

Birthing Suites (see the video tour of our Maternity Unit)
You will be admitted into our Family Birth Center where you will have a private birthing suite with a bathroom. The tub has Jacuzzi jets and a shower wand. Each room has a birthing (exercise) ball and a chair that mom might find very comfortable to use during labor. There is also a couch that can be converted into a bed for Dad or a labor support partner.

Edward's Maternity tour

Pain management
Each woman's labor and delivery experience is unique, and each person has a different level of tolerance to pain and reaction to stress.  Some women give birth with mild pain or discomfort, controlled by comfort measures, relaxation,  and breathing techniques.  Others have strong feelings of pain only relieved with medications.  At Edward Hospital's Family Birth Center, the nurses and doctors will work with you to help you achieve the comfort level you desire.  Labor & Delivery nurses are trained to assist you with various techniques to achieve comfort during labor, such as use of birthing balls, warm showers, massage, position changes, and relaxation.  If you desire pain medication, your doctor can order analgesics or epidurals for pain relief during labor.  The OB unit has anesthesiologists available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of their patients.  To learn more about factors that contribute to the pain experienced in labor and strategies for getting through labor, see our health library. 

Vaginal Delivery
Vaginal deliveries occur in the birthing suite and mom and baby will remain in this room through recovery (approximately two hours after birth). We encourage skin-to-skin bonding with your new baby during this time, which has important health benefits for your baby!  This is also an ideal time to initiate breastfeeding.  This is why we recommend that you not have visitors during the first hour after delivery, the "golden hour".  After the 2 hour recovery period, you will be taken to a private Mother/Baby (postpartum) room. Learn more about taking care of mom and baby after your baby is born.

Cesarean section
Sometimes it is necessary for your doctor to deliver your baby by Cesarean section. In fact, nationwide nearly one in every four births occur by Cesarean. To learn more about reasons for Cesarean delivery and the procedure, see our health library: Pregnancy Health Center: C-section. We also offer a free on-line Cesarean Birth class for those who know they will be delivering by C-Section to educate you about what to expect here at Edward Hospital (search for Cesarean Birth under Classes).  We also recommend that you sign up for a free tour of our Family Birth Center.

At Edward Hospital, we have 3 operating rooms located within the Family Birth Center specifically for C-section deliveries. Dad can be present to support mom during  the C-section if mom has spinal or epidural anesthesia and is alert for the surgery. We ask that no photos be taken at this time. Neonatologists will be present to check the baby immediately after birth in case of problems.

Mom, Dad, and baby can bond together during the approximately 2-hour recovery following the Cesarean. We encourage skin-to-skin bonding with your baby as soon as possible after surgery, usually in the recovery room. This is also an ideal time to initiate breastfeeding if Mom and baby are doing well during the recovery period. Your OB nurse is trained to assist you in breastfeeding. After recovery, Mom and baby will be taken to a private room in the Mother/Baby section of the Family Birth Center where family can visit. Most women who deliver by Cesarean section stay approximately 3-4 nights in the hospital. 


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