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New equipment puts Edward patients in better position for hip replacement

Vicky's story:  New equipment puts Edward patients in better position for hip replacement

Before anterior hip replacement surgery, Naperville resident Vicky Joseph was challenged every day to do things about which most people wouldn’t think twice.

“I was making decisions like, ‘do I really have the energy to stop at the grocery store today?’” says Joseph, 55 years old.  “The pain was critical toward the end.”

But Joseph, who had the procedure in June of 2011, had very little post-operative pain, slept in her second-story bedroom on her first night home and has returned to activities she used to enjoy years ago, including mountain climbing and cutting the grass.

With anterior hip replacement, patients benefit from a smaller incision (3–4 inches instead of 8–12 inches in traditional hip replacement surgery), which is made in the front of the hip and means there’s no need to detach muscles or tendons.  The result is less tissue damage and blood loss, less time in surgery, a shorter hospital stay, reduced pain after surgery and faster recovery time (2–4 weeks instead of 6 weeks to 3 months). 

Orthopedic surgeons at Edward are using ARCH table extension.

To assist in the anterior hip replacement procedure, Edward Hospital orthopedic surgeons are using the ARCH Table Extension, which helps rotate the leg and keep it in place, extend the hip and lower the foot toward the floor throughout the procedure.  Doctors at Edward also use the ARCH Table Extension for some hip fracture surgeries and hip arthroscopies.

“The extension holds the leg in the desired position and allows the surgeon to do the surgery more safely and efficiently,” says Andrew Kim, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with M&M Orthopaedics.  “It also allows me to offer the anterior hip replacement option to a wider range of patients of varying sizes since an assistant doesn’t have to hold the leg.”

“Vicky had an amazingly quick recovery,” says Dr. Kim.  “Just two weeks after surgery, she walked into my office without a limp, doing everything as she had before and more.”


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