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Member Stories


With more than 12,000 members, Edward Health & Fitness Centers have helped all types of people achieve their fitness goals.  Meet some of our members here and read their fitness stories.  What they have to say will move you to workout.

Meet our members

Peggy's story


I've been a member for more than 10 years. Currently, I'm a mid-day member from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. I love it! EHFC is my happy place. I walk in the door and instantly get a big grin on my face.

I go to the fitness center every day. The amount of equipment is phenomenal and allows me to do a variety of different things. The Spa is very peaceful, and I always feel valued by the staff.

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Nathan's story


“Physically fit” and “athletic” are words that Naperville resident Nathan Wibbeler uses to describe himself before he had seven rounds of chemotherapy over the course of seven years. His cancer treatments made it difficult to enjoy simple things like playing baseball and going for a bike ride with his three kids.

Diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 30, Nathan Wibbeler never imagined that he’d need chemotherapy seven times. He’s feeling better and regaining strength with the help of Edward Health & Fitness Centers' Back on Track program for cancer patients.

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Mark's story


For most of his life, Mark Adams has juggled the ups and downs of his weight.  But a cardiac event scared the 53 year old businessman into making a major lifestyle change – and Edward Health & Fitness Centers’ personal training services helped him achieve his goal.

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Patty's story


Lisle resident Patty Wray is a “fitness fanatic.” At the age of 52, Wray exercises six days a week at the Edward Health & Fitness Center at Seven Bridges. Because she likes to “mix-up” her workouts, Wray works with three different personal trainers and does everything from Pilates and strength training to Zumba. For her 50th birthday, she learned how to swim.

And she does all this, even after being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease.

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Stan's story


Woodridge retiree Stan Strand is a founding member of Edward Health & Fitness Center at Seven Bridges and a lifelong “gym rat.” He loves doing boxing drills and lifting weights.

And at 68, he’s in better shape than most men 20 years his junior, according to Carol Dreiss, his Edward Health & Fitness personal trainer.

So he couldn’t believe the chest discomfort he felt during a three-hour workout turned out to be a heart attack. His diet and Type-A personality had conspired to create an artery blockage that required an angioplasty and stent to open.

“Zen will never be one of my strong points,” Strand said.

Since then, he has tried to dramatically reduce the intensity of his workouts – and his response to stress.

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Michael's story


Michael McGovern, a 57-year old Naperville resident, looked forward to his daily workout at the Edward Health & Fitness Center. Other than a slightly elevated cholesterol level, he considered himself to be in good health. And, he felt fortunate that heart disease didn't run in his family. That's why he was shocked to learn he needed triple bypass surgery.

After reading about HeartAware, Edward Hospital's free online assessment for heart disease, Michael decided to take the five minute test. Results of the screening led to an in-person visit, a consultation with a heart nurse and an Ultra Fast Heart Scan, which is used to detect the early build-up of calcium in the coronary arteries, the most common cause of heart disease.

McGovern's results indicated he had calcium build-up. In fact, his score was 1280, indicating an extremely high level of plaque.

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Angelo's story


Angelo Calvello joined Edward Health & Fitness Centers before it even opened.

He took advantage of preregistration in Seven Bridges' inaugural year and kept coming back. Now retired, he's a regular at both the Naperville and Woodridge locations with a fitness regimen that includes yoga, spinning, BOSU balance, strength training and boxing.

Here are a few things he's learned about getting motivated, staying fit and slapping a high-five.

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