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Our nurses are here to help you at this very important time in your life, and we are proud to be among the top hospitals in the country to have earned the Magnet designation for nursing excellence. We want to partner with you on your journey to motherhood.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy
During your pregnancy, you should get regular prenatal checkups, eat a well-balanced nutritious diet, get plenty of appropriate exercise, and take precautions to avoid substances which may harm your growing fetus. You will notice certain body changes as your pregnancy progresses, and you may experience some minor discomforts associated with your growing baby.  Sign up for our free on-line Steps to a Healthier Pregnancy class or visit our Pregnancy Health Center to learn more about staying healthy during pregnancy.









During pregnancy, your doctor may order a Non-Stress Test to check your baby's well-being. This is a test using an external fetal monitor. We also use this monitor when you come into the hospital in labor to check your baby's heart rate and the frequency and duration of your contractions.  Watch the video to learn more about fetal monitoring and the Non-Stress Test.

Your doctor may also order an Ultrasound to be done during your pregnancy—an imaging test that uses sound waves that bounce off the structures in your abdomen and shows the image on a screen. This test could be done for several reasons.  Watch the video to learn more about Pregnancy Ultrasounds.  

The Nine-month Miracle
A baby's development is an incredible process. Watch the full-color animations in Pregnancy TV to see how a baby develops from a single cell! Click here.


Text4baby is another way to stay on track for a health pregnancy. The service sends free messages each week on your cell phone to help you through your pregnancy and your baby's first year. Text4baby is an educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Choose Your Baby's Doctor
It's important to select a pediatrician or family practice physician before your baby arrives. Find the physician who's right for your baby by calling Physician Referral at (630) 527-6363 or find a doctor online. Be sure to choose a doctor who is on your insurance plan.  You may also want to select someone who has an office relatively close to your home, as you will be making many trips for well-visits once your new baby arrives!

Planning for the Big Day
You'll be less anxious when the big day arrives if you prepare ahead of time and learn how to recognize when you're in labor, what to expect when you come to the hospital, what to bring, and what to have ready for your new baby.   If this is your first baby, you should also consider taking a class to learn how to care for a newborn.

  • Pre-register for your hospital stay.  Pre-registration should be completed as early as possible in your pregnancy. Your obstetrician can give you a form to fill out, or you can complete your pre-registration online.
  • Tour our Family Birth Center.  We offer free tours of Edward Hospital's Family Birth Center, including the birthing suites and Mother/Baby rooms, on Sunday afternoon, Tuesday evening, or Wednesday evening. Children are not allowed on these tours. The tours are free but registration is required.  You can also watch a video tour of our Maternity Unit.
  • Childbirth Education Classes.  We offer a variety of classes to help prepare you for labor and birth and to teach you how to care for your new baby:  Childbirth Classes, Parenting & Infant Care Classes, Pretnatal Exercise Classes. You will find our classes listed in the "Waiting For Baby" brochure or use our online classes and events calendar. Please register early in your pregnancy because space is limited.  You should plan to take most of your prenatal  education classes around the beginning to middle of your third trimester (Multiples classes should be taken even earlier in pregnancy).  Please call (630) 527-6363 to register for classes unless otherwise noted in description.  If you have questions about our prenatal classes, please contact Susan Bard, Perinatal Education Coordinator, at (630) 527-7685 or by email at sbard@edward.org.
  • Prepare children for baby's birth in the Sibling Class.  One parent is required to attend with the child, both parents are welcome.  The Sibling Class does not include a tour, but you can watch our online Sibling Video Tour together with your small child.  If you wish to have your child(ren) present at the birth of their sibling, we also have a Sibling-at-Birth class.  We will set up a 1-2 hour individualized class with your family, taught by a childbirth instructor.  A brief tour of the Family Birth Center is included in the Sibling-at-Birth class.   You will be required to have a support person for your child(ren) and a note from your OB doctor giving permission for your child(ren) to be present at the birth.  For more information about the Sibling Class or the Sibling-at-Birth class, please call Class Registration at 630-527-6363.
  • Breastfeeding questions? Before your baby is born you may call our Breastfeeding Center with any questions about breastfeeding or breast pumps. Your appointment will include a breast assessment if needed. Click here for more information.  We also have a prenatal breastfeeding class to give you information about how to get off to a great start with breastfeeding.
  • Pre-labor Checklist & Hospital Packing List:  click here for a printable pre-labor checklist and packing list of things to bring to the hospital.
  • Car seat information.  You are required by law to use a car seat whenever you transport your baby by car-starting with the trip home from the hospital! Choose your car seat early and learn how to properly install it in your car.  Every car seat does NOT fit in every car.  Read your car seat instructions and your car manual to be sure you have a proper fit.  Have your car seat installation checked prior to labor by calling your local police or fire department for an appointment for a car safety seat check.  Click here to find local car seat safety check events and more information about car seat safety.  Have someone bring the car seat to your room the day before you are discharged so that you have time to adjust the straps correctly for baby, if needed.  This may also save dad an extra trip home on the day of discharge to pick up a forgotten car seat!

For more information about warning signs during pregnancy and signs of labor, go to Preparing for Labor.

Support Groups
Make plans now to attend a support group after the birth of your baby.  Edward Hospital offers a variety of support groups for new moms and dads and for those experiencing a loss.


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