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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons at Edward are using ARCH table extension.

Hip pain is a common problem but it doesn't have to keep you from the activities you love. Total hip replacement is a safe and effective surgical procedure. We offer the latest treatments at Edward including anterior hip replacement, an innovative new technique that makes recovery faster, easier and less uncomfortable. The anterior approach is the most advanced hip replacement technique available.

Anterior hip replacement surgery

Traditional hip replacement surgery is performed through an incision along the side or the back of the leg, an approach requiring surgeons to cut through a great deal of muscle and tissue to reach the joint. The anterior approach allows your surgeon to make an incision at the front of the body without disrupting muscles or tendons. With anterior hip replacement patients tend to have less pain and a faster recovery.

Better access to the hip joint also means a smaller incision – three to four inches rather than the traditional eight to 12 inches. There's less damage to surrounding tissues inside the body, so you spend less time in surgery. You'll go home sooner and recover faster. Many patients are happy to report that they're back to their normal activities in just two to four weeks after their anterior hip replacement surgery – less than half the recovery time following traditional methods.

Vicky's story:  New equipment puts Edward patients in better position for hip replacement

The ARCH Table Extension – Technology that makes anterior hip replacement possible

To perform anterior hip replacement, your surgeon needs to have your leg held in a stable position that holds your hip joint at exactly the right angle. At Edward our orthopedic surgical suites are equipped with the ARCH Table Extension, a revolutionary positioning device that helps to rotate the leg and keep it in place, extending the hip and lowering the foot toward the floor to give your surgeon optimal access to your hip joint.

The ARCH Table Extension makes anterior hip replacement an option for a wider range of patients, regardless of their size. For you and for your surgeon, this breakthrough technology means a safer and more efficient procedure from beginning to end.

Is anterior hip replacement right for me?

We want patients to experience the least bit of discomfort and the fastest recovery possible. Utilizing advanced techniques like anterior hip replacement is a big part of that equation. When planning for your hip replacement surgery, talk to your doctor about how he or she plans to perform the procedure. Regardless of your age or size, we have the technology and the expertise to make this method available to you.

Read about Vicky Joseph of Naperville. She climbed stairs the day she returned home from the hospital after having anterior hip replacement and was walking normally, without a limp, two weeks later. http://www.edward.org/new-equipment-puts-edward-patients-in-better-position-for-hip-replacement

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