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The Edward Heart Hospital team diagnoses and treats hundreds of types of heart diseases and cardiovascular conditions. Empower yourself by learning more including how you can prevent or manage your condition. Find a heart specialist now.

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Main Types of Heart Diseases

Heart Attack
Each year 1.1 million Americans have heart attacks, but they are preventable. A heart attack can feel like chest pain, damages heart tissue and is recoverable when treated quickly.

Heart Blockage (coronary artery disease) is when the blood and oxygen trying to get to the heart have to go through narrowed arteries. It can cause a heart attack, angina, and heart failure.

Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) includes fast and slow heart rates and rhythm changes from the normal 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Heart Failure is usually a chronic condition when the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently and it backs up into other areas of the body often causing shortness of breath or swelling. 

Valvular Heart Diseases

Aortic Valve Stenosis is a narrowing of the aortic valve which blocks blood flow from the heart's lower left chamber. One common cause is rheumatic fever, a complication of untreated strep throat. 

Mitral Valve Stenosis is a narrowing of the mitral valve which blocks blood from moving between the upper and lower left chambers of the heart. Like aortic stenosis, the most common risk factor is a history of rheumatic fever.

Pulmonary Valve Stenosis is a heart defect that is usually present at birth with surgical repair taking place before a child has reached preschool age. It occurs in approximately 10% of patients with congenital heart disease.

Mitral Valve Prolapse is an easily treatable condition that causes an improper closing of the valve that may leak, causing a murmur sound.

Hole in the Heart is a defect when a baby is born with a hole in the septum that separates the left and right sides of the heart, allowing blood to mix that should not.

Marfan Syndrome is an inherited disorder that affects the heart, lungs, eyes, skeleton and blood vessels. The most serious problems affect the cardiovascular system and can result in mitral valve prolapse or an enlarged aorta.

Angina, or chest pain, can be experienced because of low blood flow and oxygen in the blood vessels. Angina does not permanently damage the heart muscle like a heart attack.

Vein & Artery Heart Diseases

Hardening of the Arteries (atherosclerosis) occurs when fatty plaque builds up and blocks the arteries' blood flow leading to clots, stroke, and heart attack.

Stroke or "brain attack" is a stop in blood and oxygen flow to the brain, permanently killing cells. Stroke is highly treatable if you get help in the first three hours.

Leg pain could indicate peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a blockage of blood flow in the legs, which increases risk for heart attack and stroke. Eight to 12 million Americans have PAD but are often misdiagnosed.

Other Common Heart Conditions

Pulmonary Embolism starts as a blood clot, usually in the leg, called a deep vein thrombosis, which then travels the blood stream and blocks an artery in the lung.

The Edward Heart Hospital team diagnoses and treats hundreds of types of diseases and conditions. Empower yourself by learning more including how you can prevent or manage your condition. Find a heart specialist now.


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