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Preventing heartburn: 3 foods to avoid

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PHOTO: Got heartburn? Keep a food
journal to learn what foods to avoid.

Heartburn is the primary symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which causes a burning sensation that spreads up from the stomach to the chest and throat.

You can get relief by avoiding acidic foods, high fat foods, and caffeinated beverages as they are all common causes of heartburn that irritate the lining of the stomach and esophagus. Each person's problem foods can differ, so keep a food journal to see what works best for you.

  • Citrus fruits have a high acidic content, so try to avoid oranges, grapefruit, and even tomatoes.
  • Foods such as bacon, whole milk, and vegetable oils are high in fat which can also increase symptoms by allowing acid to rise into the esophagus.
  • Caffeinated beverages of all kinds are not recommended, and coffee, even decaffeinated, can cause acid reflux by stimulating acid production in the stomach.

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