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Tips to keep fit while traveling

Theresa McCabe, Personal Trainer
Theresa McCabe

For many of us, summertime is a prime time for vacations. Taking a few days or a few weeks away from the normal routine can be refreshing and rejuvenating.

One routine you shouldn't forgo, however, is your exercise routine. Staying active not only keeps you healthy, it can help create feelings of renewal. Luckily, taking a trip that includes physical activities is incredibly easy.

Theresa McCabe, personal trainer at Edward Health & Fitness Centers,offers these tips to help you meet your vacation fitness goals.

Think local

Planning a trip that incorporates fitness doesn't have to be expensive or take you to a far-away destination. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your local community and maybe even discover a new hobby.

For example, take a weekend trip to Lake Michigan and try different water sports and swimming activities. Depending on your interests you could enjoy an afternoon swim, a walk along the shore line. Or, if you have ready access to nature trails, take a few days to explore them by bicycling, rollerblading (if the trails are paved), running or walking.

Think global

If you are in the mood to do a little globe trotting, there are many spots you can choose that are perfect for getting active.

Head to the coast. You should be able to find a range of activities, from snorkeling to surfing, beach volleyball to beach runs.

Enjoy being in the center of nature? Locations that offer elevated landscapes are ideal for hikes and trail walking. Plus, they can provide some of the most scenic views you'll see.

Want to be in your element? If you're an avid runner or biker, pick out a trip that offers just those things. Indulging in your favorite kind of exercise is another way to make sure your vacation is fitness-focused.

Think convenience

You don't have to completely focus your vacation around a sport or activity in order to stay moving. No matter where you go, there are sure to be ways to stay in shape. Sometimes it's as easy and convenient as something in your hotel. Check to see if it offers a fitness room, swimming pool or tennis court. Getting in a few miles, laps or sets will get your heart pumping and keep you healthy.

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