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We all feel sad from time to time. But clinical depression and postpartum depression are far more than just feeling sad. Depression takes over your daily life and makes it difficult to face work, school, family and friends. It may even get in the way of your ability to eat, sleep, and take care of yourself.

Depression may vary from person to person but there are several common signs and symptoms. Some of these may include feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, changes in appetite or eating habits, excessive sleepiness or insomnia, trouble focusing and making decisions, faltering school performance, failing relationships and possibly suicidal thoughts. Thoughts of death or suicide are a major risk factor and should be taken very seriously.  When these feelings won't go away, it's time to find help from a mental health professional. Linden Oaks at Edward can help.

Depression Treatment

Just as depression affects people in different ways, the road to recovery can be different from person to person. That's why Linden Oaks at Edward makes a treatment plan that matches your needs. We may recommend a combination of treatment modalities to help you: therapy, inpatient or outpatient services, medication and/or specialized programs for adolescents, adults and older adults. 

A main part of treatment is to help you learn coping skills and techniques to understand your triggers for depression and why you feel this way. Expressive therapies encourage wellness through increased self-awareness, and through individual and group sessions, you have the opportunity to talk about your feelings and work through the source of your depression. If inpatient treatment is recommended, our multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, behavioral health associates, and a psychiatrist will work closely together to find the most effective treatment for you.

For more information or to set up a free behavioral health assessment, contact us at (630) 305-5027.

DepressionAware: Take our free 5-minute online test to learn your risk

DepressionAware Online Assessment

This online assessment is designed to help you understand how feelings like depression, stress, and anxiety may be affecting you. Take our free 5-minute online test to learn your risk.


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