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Cardiac Rehabilitation

After a cardiac procedure is when the hard work really begins. While patients can lead very healthy, active lives after a procedure, it's important to know that 25 percent of men and 38 percent of women die within one year after having a heart attack. Why? Primarily because they did not modify their diet, begin an exercise program and quit smoking.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an important step towards feeling better that begins right after your procedure. All cardiac rehabilitation programs are supervised by exercise physiologists and tailored to a patient's individual abilities.

Phase I, II and III
This series is a physician prescribed program of exercise and education to aid in recovery after a cardiac event.

Phase I of cardiac rehab is for patients who are currently recovering in the hospital and includes a daily walking program.

Phase II is a 12-week outpatient program that includes one hour of aerobic exercise three times per week. Exercise physiologists monitor participants' heart rate and periodically track blood pressure to evaluate improvements.

Phase III is an optional maintenance program that teaches participants how to exercise on their own and make fitness a regular habit in their lives. Phase III is open to all patients who have participated in any cardiac rehab program including HeartFit, ACT and PACE.

Surgery suite

For at-risk individuals who require cardiac monitoring, you'll learn how to exercise safely and stay motivated to reach your personal health goals. Meets for one hour, three times per week for six weeks. A physician's order is required but participants have not had a cardiac event.

Peripheral Arterial Conditioning & Exercise (PACE)
Intense leg pain can be debilitating for those suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease. PACE has been shown to delay the onset of leg pain when walking, increase stamina and improve overall muscle strength. This medically-supervised exercise program meets for one hour, three times per week for eight weeks. A physician's order for vascular rehabilitation and a treadmill test are required.

Support Groups 

A support group to help stroke survivors and their families adjust to the new changes in their lives. The group strives to help you create a more meaningful life by sharing questions, concerns and experiences. Offered the third Wednesday of every month, 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm. For more information, call Cardiac Rehab at (630) 527-3388 or click here

Heart to Heart: Heart Failure Support Group
The Edward Heart Hospital Heart Failure Support Group for patients, families and caregivers meets the last Wednesday of every month in the heart hospital conference room from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The topics include the challenges of living with heart failure. If you have any questions or need more information, please call the Heart Hospital charge nurse at 630-646-8117. Click here for dates and topics


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