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Breast Reconstruction


Breast Reconstruction with Edward's SPY Elite System Technology

If you need a mastectomy and plan to have breast reconstruction, you'll be glad to know that Edward is one of just 40 hospitals in the U.S. to use the innovative SPY Elite System Technology for breast reconstruction. This state-of-the-art equipment allows your surgeon to perform the most advanced breast reconstruction technique available today.

What is breast reconstruction?

For many women, restoring the natural appearance of the breast after mastectomy is vitally important to their recovery from breast cancer. Experienced surgeons can reconstruct the breast in one of several ways, including with an implant that creates a new breast mound or with natural tissues that are taken from other parts of the body. The goal of breast reconstruction is always to make your breast look as natural as possible.

SPY Elite System Technology for Breast Reconstruction

Edward's SPY Elite System uses infra-red technology that allows surgeons to see how blood flows inside your body, under your skin and in the fat and tissues. If your breast reconstruction is done with natural tissue, the SPY Elite will help your surgeon quickly and easily identify tissue with optimal blood supply, which means it is more likely to survive and thrive after the surgery. If your reconstruction is done with an implant, the SPY Elite technology allows your surgeon to see how blood flows in the skin flaps created during the procedure. Having this information allows surgeons to make instant, informed decisions as they perform breast reconstruction. This makes it far less likely that additional surgeries will be required in the months ahead.

How does the SPY Elite System work?

At the beginning of the procedure, a safe type of contrast dye is injected into your bloodstream. As it circulates in your body, the dye highlights areas of tissue with a healthy blood supply, while those areas where circulation is less robust remain darker. Seeing these differences makes it easy for surgeons to know which tissue is healthiest and also to evaluate circulation after the procedure. These measures increase the likelihood that your breast reconstruction surgery will be successful and you'll recover quickly and without complications.

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