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Frequently Asked Questions


Animal Assisted Therapy

Q:   How do I volunteer for the animal-assisted therapy program?
Q:   What is the Animal Assisted Therapy program?

Applying for a job

Q:   01. Where are the current job openings posted?
Q:   02. How do I apply for a position at Edward?
Q:   03. Are there any positions that you are recruiting for but are not posted?
Q:   04. How often does Edward post new openings?
Q:   05. What does Registry mean?
Q:   06. Do I need to complete an application, or can I just submit my resume?
Q:   07. What happens after I submit my application?
Q:   08. I have applied to a position(s) at Edward, should I expect to receive a call?
Q:   09. How long will it take to go through the application process?
Q:   10. What does it mean when my application is "in review"?
Q:   11. Who should I follow up with if I want to check the status of my application?
Q:   12. What does it mean if I am "not selected" for a position?

Billing - General Inquiries

Q:   01. I have a question about my account. Who do I call?
Q:   02. Is Financial Assistance available?
Q:   03. Do I have to stop at Registration every time I visit the hospital?
Q:   04. Why have I received a bill/summary of charges?
Q:   05. Why do I get separate bills for services received on different dates?
Q:   06. Who can I talk to with questions about my bill?
Q:   07. Will you bill my insurance plan for me?
Q:   08. Will Edward file my Workers' Compensation claim for me?
Q:   09. Why did I receive more than one bill?
Q:   10. It has been several weeks since my healthcare visit. Why haven’t I received a bill?
Q:   11. I received a hospital and/or physician statement, but it shows only totals. Can I have an itemized bill?
Q:   12. How do I know that the amount you are billing me is the correct amount?

Billing - Online Billing

Q:   02. What is a Guarantor?
Q:   04. Can I still receive my paper statements if I enroll for online account management?
Q:   05. Why is my e-mail address needed?
Q:   06. Can I contact the Patient Accounts office through e-mail?
Q:   09. What specific type of electronic payment method can I use?
Q:   10. Can I print a payment stub and send it in with my payment instead of paying electronically?

Disaster Preparedness

Q:   How do my family and I prepare for a flu pandemic?
Q:   What is bioterrorism?
Q:   What is pandemic flu?
Q:   What is the difference between a seasonal outbreak of flu and a pandemic?
Q:   Where do I find information about hazardous materials in my community?

Donation Inquiries

Q:   I have questions about making a donation; who can I contact?
Q:   I would like information about donating to a specific Edward Hospital project, program or service. Who do I contact?
Q:   I would like information about including Edward Hospital in my will or creating a living trust to benefit Edward Hospital; who do I contact?
Q:   I would like information on an Edward Foundation event. Who do I contact? (golf outing, Holidazzle, book fairs, jewelry sale)
Q:   I would like to make a donation in the memory or in honor of someone. Who do I contact?
Q:   I would like to make a donation to Edward Hospital. Where do I send it?

Financial Assistance

Q:   Is financial assistance available? How do I learn if I qualify?

Find a Doctor

Q:   How do I find a doctor on staff at Edward Hospital?

Fitness Center Membership

Q:   Can I put my membership on hold for a medical reason?
Q:   Can I put my membership on hold for a vacation?
Q:   Do you offer babysitting services for members?
Q:   How can I add someone to my membership?
Q:   How can I bring in a guest?
Q:   What are the hours for Edward Health & Fitness Centers?

General Inquiries

Q:   How can I find a physician?
Q:   How can I obtain a copy of my child's birth certificate?
Q:   How do I talk to someone who can assist those who speak another language?
Q:   I can't view the virtual tours. What do I have to do to view them?
Q:   Where can I find directions to your facilities?
Q:   Where can I get information on or an application for volunteering?

Health Questions: Ask the Expert

Q:   My cholesterol is high, but the medication causes side effects. What other options could I consider to avoid these side effects?

Insurance Inquiries

Q:   01. I gave my insurance information to my doctor, why don’t you have it?
Q:   02. Even though I gave the hospital and/or physician’s office my medical insurance information, I was later asked for my automobile insurance because my injury was due to an automobile accident. Why is another insurance needed?
Q:   03. How can I check with my insurance company to make sure they will cover the services I received?
Q:   04. How do I know if my health plan will cover my medical visit or healthcare services?
Q:   05. Do I need to let my health plan know that I am going to be in the hospital?
Q:   06. Why didn’t my insurance pay for some services?
Q:   07. How do I know if my insurance company will cover services provided by all professionals (e.g. anesthesiologists, radiologists, and pathologists) involved with my treatment?
Q:   08. How will I know if my insurance company has paid my bill?
Q:   09. What do I do if I disagree with how much my insurance company has paid on my bill?
Q:   10. How will I know what portion of the bill I should pay?
Q:   11. How can I pay my portion of my bill?
Q:   12. What is a copayment or a deductible and coinsurance?
Q:   13. Should I pay my co-payment at the time of service?
Q:   14. What is the difference between Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B?
Q:   15. Why do I have to give you information about other insurance if I have Medicare coverage?


Q:   Birth certificate: How can I request a copy of my child's birth certificate?
Q:   Classes: When should I take my prenatal classes?
Q:   Classes: Which childbirth class should I take?
Q:   Classes: Why take prenatal classes?
Q:   Length of Stay: How long will I be in the hospital when I have my baby? What happens when I am discharged?
Q:   Social Security card: How can I get a Social Security card for my newborn?
Q:   Visiting Hours: what are the visiting hours before, during and after I have my baby? Is there quiet time for me and the baby?

Scheduling Test Inquiries

Q:   How can I schedule an outpatient imaging test?
Q:   How can I schedule an outpatient lab test?

Test Results/Medical Records

Q:   How do I obtain a copy of my test results or medical records?

Visiting Hours

Q:   What are the visiting hours for the hospital?

Wireless Internet

Q:   Do I need to contact anyone at Edward to gain wireless access?
Q:   Does Edward filter inappropriate web sites?
Q:   Does Edward provide virus, worm or security protection for my device while I am using guest access?
Q:   Does Edward require specific wireless enabled devices?
Q:   Does Edward support smart phones?
Q:   Is a login name or password required?
Q:   Is there a charge associated with accessing the guest network?
Q:   Is there a limit on how long I can use guest access?
Q:   What protocols are supported?
Q:   Where is wireless available? Is it available in all patient rooms, including OB?
Q:   Who do I contact if I need wireless capability added to my device or if I am having an issue connecting with my device?


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