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Classes: Why take prenatal classes?

Reliable information. Although there are many websites and other sources of information about childbirth and infant care, not all of the information you receive is reliable or relevent. At Edward Hospital, our Prepared Childbirth classes combine features from the three most common methods of childbirth education taught today: Lamaze, Bradley, and Grantly-Dick Read. Besides learning what’s normal during the birth process and why it happens, you will learn about the important role of the labor support partner, comfort measures to use during labor, and relaxation & breathing techniques to help you get through labor. Your instructor will also help you to identify options that are available to you and help educate you so that you will be empowered to make informed decisions. You will be given plenty of opportunities to ask questions of a certified childbirth instructor and receive instant response which will be relevant to your experience here at Edward Hospital. We also provide written materials which you can refer to later as a review, as well as other reliable resources for further information.

Hands-on practice. Studies show that you only remember about 10% of what you read, but up to 90% of what you see, hear, and do. Therefore, we strive to use various teaching techniques to get you involved in learning. Our instructors will use a wide variety of visual aids, videos, demonstrations, comfort tools for you to try, and activities to increase your learning and understanding.

Social interaction & peer support. In prenatal classes, you will be part of a community of people who share your same concerns, fears, and hopes. You can learn from each other’s questions and discussions. You also prepare together as a couple for this big event, often creating lasting memories of this special time together.

Reduced anxiety. The fear of the unknown causes anxiety which can increase the discomfort of labor. By learning about the birth process and what to expect, you will be able to reduce the anxiety associated with this experience. We include a tour of the OB unit as part of the Prepared Childbirth class, showing you where to come for admission, the birthing suites, the postpartum rooms, and the newborn nursery. By taking parenting & infant care classes, you will gain confidence in taking care of your new baby.


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