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6 fitness tips to avoid workout burnout.

Naperville Sun / Cindy Eggemeyer's fitness column:

6 tips for curing workout burnout
By: Cindy Eggemeyer
May 14, 2014

If the workout you used to enjoy has become a frustrating chore, you might be facing burnout. And if that’s the case, it’s time to look at your fitness goals.

Some people start exercising without a plan; they might not even identify the fitness benefits they hope to achieve.

Maybe they go to the gym and always use the same piece of cardio equipment, at the same settings. Or they’ll do weight training with similar sets and number of reps, year after year.

What often happens in these cases?

Their bodies are no longer challenged, so they don’t respond to the workout the way they once did. And the workouts become tedious. This is a good recipe for burnout.

At the other extreme are those who set goals and then refuse to modify them no matter what’s going on in their bodies or their lives.

They would rather beat themselves up for not meeting all of their original goals to perfection.

This is another formula for burnout.

There is a happy middle ground where you can remain challenged and even enthusiastic about exercise. Set goals that are specific and reachable.

Read the rest of Cindy's column.


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