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Sun safety tips from Dr. John Saran.

NCTV 17:

Sun Safety -- Protect Your Skin
June 14, 2013

While summer may be the perfect time to get that bronze glow, you could be doing irreversible damage to your skin. NCTV17’s Natalie Vitale finds out how to stay safe in the sun.

Doctor John Saran of Edward Hospital gave us the facts when it comes to staying safe while enjoying the rays, “summer is a great time and we all want to be out doors but being active means being safe. And it starts by being safe in the sun. We do need a little bit of sun maybe 20 to 30 minutes a day will get us that vitamin d that we need but beyond that we need to be careful we need to cover up and protect ourselves”.

Sunscreen is the most common way to protect your skin for the harmful affects of the sun such as cancer and premature aging of the skin, but how much SPF is enough? “most people need about an spf 20 to 30 you generally don’t need though you’ll see advertisements for spf in the 50s and 60s And don’t forget about water proofing it will wash off in the water by one that is water proof for double the amount of time,” Dr. Saran said.

A simple way to stay safe in the sun, cover up! A T shirt or swim cover can go a long way.

Watch the video version of this story, and meet and schedule an appointment with Dr. Saran.


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