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Learn the whole truth with Cholesterol Healthercise

Cal Roesner was concerned about high cholesterol and wanted to do something about it.

"Last December, for the first time ever, my doctor told me I needed to lower my bad cholesterol and raise my good cholesterol, so I jumped right on it," he says.

Thankfully, the timing is perfect for Roesner and people like him, who are ready to take control of their heart health. Edward Health & Fitness Centers have just started a progressive new class called Cholesterol Healthercise, which takes a "whole person" approach to improving physical health and creating lifestyle changes.

Fitness Specialist Kiley Tyler created the course and says it's all about inspiring people to take better care of themselves. "We slowly educate them so they have all the tools they need. With education, the passion for healthy living will come," she says. "We definitely hold their hands and step them through this program."

The hour-long course meets twice a week for eight weeks, but the first two sessions are dedicated to educating people about the dangers of high cholesterol and testing participants to find out exactly where their bodies are at.

"We do cardiovascular testing, cholesterol screening, and check other things like blood pressure," says Tyler. "We also conduct the same tests at the end of the session so people can witness the progress they've made and that their work is paying off with better health."

Program leaders explain the physiological changes that high cholesterol can cause, and instructors provide guidelines for both exercise and nutrition. Clients are given a daily nutrition journal and educated on the benefits of the TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) dietary guidelines. TLC is recommended by the National Cholesterol Education Program of the National Institutes of Health.

"We teach people how to read food labels allowing them to take in less than seven percent of their calories in saturated fat, keep cholesterol at 200 mg per day, steer away from saturated fat, and increase their fiber intake," Tyler says.

The remaining classes are spent building up physical strength by exercising and doing interval training, which alternates 5-6 minute periods of high intensity exercise with 1-2 minute periods of moderate intensity exercise. The types of exercises include a "boot camp" session, spinning, using various cardio machines and lifting weights.

"Research shows that high intensity exercise brings down the LDL (the bad cholesterol), raises the HDL (the good cholesterol) and slows arterial aging," says Tyler. "This is a beautiful thing because it means we can reverse some of the damage we've done."

Roesner believes this class is just what he needed. "I get a lot of individual attention and I am coming home finding muscles I didn't know I had! I'll be a repeat customer for this class," he says.

For more information about the class call the Edward Health & Fitness Centers at (630) 646-5926.


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