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Unplug and find the hidden health benefits of spas
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Technology is supposed to make life simpler but in some ways it has made things more complex and stressful. According to Pew Research, ninety percent of Americans own a cell phone. Sixty percent of those cell phones allow us to check all our multiple email boxes, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts, our calendar, the traffic report and even check voice mail in the rare event someone actually uses their phone to make calls.

It’s exhausting! However there is a simple way to take care of your mind and body without an app. In addition to being known as a luxurious place to go to get pampered, there are many health benefits to visiting a spa.

“The obvious benefit would be that many spa treatments help relieve stress and tension,” said Brian Sommer, supervisor of the Spa at Seven Bridges. “Stress causes negative psychological and physical effects on the body, including fatigue, muscle tightness, and lack of motivation.”

Facials and body wraps are all designed to help relieve tension and provide you with a soothing atmosphere for you to relax and reduce stress. Exercising proper nail care is just as important because bacteria and ingrown nails can lead to serious infection.

Treatments, such as massage, can also help reduce the risk of circulatory issues, such as high blood pressure, blood clots, or stroke. People who are suffering from aches and pains that are associated with arthritis, injuries, fibromyalgia or that are associated with poor posture or being in one position for too long often use spa treatments to gain a measure of relief from their symptoms.

“The best time to get a massage is right after your work out when your muscles are already warmed up. This enables you to get the most benefits from your massage,” says Sommer.
More men are taking advantage of spa benefits than ever before. In fact, the International Spa Association saw a thirteen percent increase in men visiting spas in the last year than in previous years. The most popular services men receive are sports massages and nail treatments.

“Spas offer an abundant array of benefits for the body and mind,” says Sommer. “Even if you are not a member of Edward Health & Fitness Centers, everyone can use the Spa at Seven Bridges and start experiencing the benefits of spa treatments today.”

For more information on spa services or to book your next appointment, visit http://www.edward.org/spa


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