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Should women train differently than men?
When it comes to training a marathon or other endurance activities, most of the basic training techniques, such as having good posture and controlled breathing, are the same for both men and women. However, women have a slight advantage over their male competitors if they remember these simple training tips from Edward Health & Fitness Center personal trainer and 28-time marathon runner, Laurie Lasseter.

• Fat to finish. That extra body fat women naturally carry around is actually a good thing. Women burn a higher percentage of fat than men (vs carbs) in endurance events; meaning women can run longer distances before having to carbo-load again.

• Be strong. Women are naturally more flexible than men, but men build up more muscle mass. Women should introduce more weight or hill training to strengthen legs and glutes.

• Bone up on your health. Keeping bones healthy is especially important to women and is surprisingly easy. Make sure you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D, avoiding smoking or drinking, and participate in regular weight bearing exercise.

Follow these steps and you’ll be flying past the competition and be a healthier you.


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