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RunSMART program helps adventurer get back into the action
Jerry Miarecki, 68-year-old Downers Grove resident, believes in living life to the fullest. When he’s not traveling across America on his motorcycle or scuba diving off some exotic coast, this senior project manager at Alcatel-Lucent can be found competing in major sailboat races on Lake Michigan.

However, arthritic knee pain was keeping Miarecki from the adventure-seeking lifestyle he loves. “My doctors told me that losing weight would help me with the knee pain and other medical issues I was experiencing at the time,” said Miarecki. “I was already a member of the Edward Health & Fitness Center, so I decided to go more frequently and started by lightly jogging around to track to help work out my knees.”

He soon discovered that his workouts around the track were not improving his knee pain. “People were whizzing around me on the track and I couldn’t help thinking that I must be doing something wrong,” said Miarecki.

That’s when Miarecki got introduced to Edward Health & Fitness personal trainer, Laurie Lasseter, and the RunSMART program.

“The RunSMART program helps improve running efficiency while reducing the risk of common ailments such as plantar fasciitis, knee and IT band pain, shin splints and low back issues,” said Lasseter. “Our goal is to help get you back to training and returned to an active running lifestyle.”
Miarecki started the RunSMART class in January and at the end of February, he completed his first 5k. To date, he has completed three 5k races, one 8k race and will be running his second 8k race this July.

“After completing my first race, looking to increase my speed, I signed up for personal training sessions with Laurie and cannot say enough good things about her,” said Miarecki. “Unlike other fitness clubs, the staff at Edward Health & Fitness not only cares about your fitness goals, but they pay special attention to your overall health goals, too.”

Miarecki’s physicians are also impressed with improvement in his overall health and the condition of the muscles in his knees. Thanks to the RunSMART program and his personal training sessions with Laurie, Miarecki’s no longer needs medication for diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
“I’m very impressed with the personal training and programs at the Edward Health & Fitness Center.

What I’m saving in medication expenses and trips to the doctor is worth the cost of the gym membership three times over,” said Miarecki. “I just wish I knew I could get into this kind of shape sooner.”

Now knee pain free, Miarecki is happy to continue the fast paced life he desires, proving that change can start at any point in life.

“I don’t care how big or how old you are, it’s never too late to improve your health and fitness,” said Miarecki. “Laurie and the rest of the personal training staff are always ready to help you make that first step toward a healthier and more active life.”

To learn more about personal training and the RunSMART program, visit www.edward.org/Fitness.


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