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Woman Strong
Cecelia Ryan, a 58-year-old Naperville resident, always wanted the best for her two daughters. “I always encouraged my daughters to be strong, independent women,” said Ryan. “I reminded them that they are important and their health and happiness matter most of all.”

Ryan realized she was not practicing the important life lessons that she was teaching her daughters. “My parents died in their early 60s. I realized that in order to be there for my daughters, I need to start taking better care of myself.”

It was then that Ryan signed up for personal training with Carol Driess, personal trainer at Edward Health & Fitness Center at Seven Bridges. More than 10 years later, Ryan is still training with Driess.

“Cecelia has come a long way, and I train her faithfully twice a week,” said Driess. “She is now very strong and can do anything I throw at her. I am very proud of her success and accomplishments.”

When she first began working out, Ryan was intimidated by the weight room and typically made a beeline to the same cardio machine. “Carol helped introduce me to new equipment and, more importantly, how to use weights and machines correctly,” said Ryan.

"Exercises done incorrectly can seriously injure your back or joints, which are especially important as we get older." Driess says the exercise she sees most women doing incorrectly is the lunge, which can damage the knees."

Because safety is the most important factor, you should look for a trainer that is certified by a reputable organization, such as the American Council on Exercise or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

“Carol is not only my personal trainer, but my mentor, motivator, and friend,” said Ryan. “Carol is also always improving her skills as a trainer and keeps up-to-date on the latest training techniques and is an excellent resource for someone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Ryan is happy to see that her daughters have grown into the strong, independent women she always hoped they would be. Ryan believes that you can’t fully take care of someone until you take care of yourself.

“I’m so grateful to Carol for helping me become a stronger woman,” said Ryan. “I not only am more fit, but I feel happier, have more energy and amazed at what I can now accomplish!”

Edward Health & Fitness offers a variety of personal training packages for members and non-members. To learn more about personal training, click here or stop by the Fitness Desk at Edward Health & Fitness Centers.


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