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Meet Bill Harvey, Edward Health & Fitness Center Member Since 2005
1.) Why did you choose Edward over other fitness centers?
I joined a little over 8 years ago, after moving here from Michigan. Edward Health & Fitness offers a great location and I like that the fitness center is part of Edward Hospital. The child care is by far the best of the fitness centers I have tried. My boys really like the Kid Zone and Adventure Center.

2.) What are your fitness goals, and how does Edward help you achieve these goals?
I've been a distance runner for more than 15 years, something I started after graduate school to become healthier. I added strength training about a year later to increase functional strength and improve my running posture. I am a brown belt in the Korean martial art, Tang Soo Do so high endurance and flexibility have more recently become key goals for me. Edward offers a variety of equipment that allows me to continue improving my speed, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

3.) What specific services do you use the most?
I strength train, mostly with free weights, and I put in 200 minutes of intense cardio each week. I also try to swim laps at least once a week for better overall flexibility.

4.) Why is fitness important to you?
Being fit is a critical part of my own sense of balance. When I haven't been able to do my normal workout over the past 15 years, usually due to overexertion injuries, I have felt 'off' and I’ve really missed the routine. Equally satisfying is being able to put in a long, physically demanding day then still feel fine. I enjoy doing hands-on work that requires physical strength, as I am trained as a mechanical engineer.

5.) Overall, how would you describe your experience at Edward?
Membership at Edward Health & Fitness has been rewarding. Over the years, I've met many people with interesting backgrounds. Being around others with similar fitness goals is motivating. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know some of the Edward staff.


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