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4 tips to train for your upcoming race

Training for any race may seem daunting at times, but, if you follow these tips from Edward Health & Fitness Center Personal Trainer Dan Johnson, you'll reach the finish line before you know it!

Edward Community Activity Challenge

  1. Stretch before and after your run to prevent injuries.

  2. Follow a run/walk plan to improve stamina. Start off running/walking three times a week for 20-30 minutes. Take a walk break for one to five minutes. Gradually increase your run time. Walk to cool down. If you are training for a more endurance run like a half-marathon or full marathon, seek out advice for a much more detailed preparation plan. The experts at the Edward Health & Fitness Centers can assist you.

  3. Increase your strength, speed by strength training on days when you’re not running.

  4. Practice proper running form by looking toward the horizon; keeping shoulders low; and running the proper stride length so your feet land directly underneath your body.

For more information on preparing for race, seek out our personal trainers by visiting www.edward.org/personaltraining or boost your training with our health challenges at www.edward.org/healthchallenges.


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