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Meet Edward Health & Fitness Member John Marquart
Good morning, ladies – and John!

John Marquart
Age: 71 years old
Occupation: Since retiring as an outplacement coach, John has created a service to help leaders improve their behavior and interpersonal skills to improve company profits.

How long have you been a member of Edward Health & Fitness Centers?
I’ve been a member for about 12 years. All my life, I’ve been an active workout “nut” but two knee replacements and a back injury made exercise a little more challenging. The culture of Edward is terrific, and the entire organization has been just awesome to me – that’s why I keep going back.

What areas of the fitness center do you prefer?
Five months ago, I reluctantly started attending water aerobic classes. I’ve never liked the water, but the natural resistance and dynamics of this form of exercise takes your body to new levels. It has been very helpful for my knees and back.

I also prefer the instructors. There are so many great teachers – but Kathy Winters is the best. She knows how to teach a class unbelievably well. Kathy starts many classes by saying, “Good morning, ladies – and John!” She likes to have fun and laugh, but makes you work hard. Everyone should work with Kathy – she’s amazing and a great person!

How often do you work-out?
I work-out four to five times a week. Since I’ve started water aerobics, I have new energy and a new sense of purpose. I feel great! In fact, just recently, I broke my wrist and I was off for a few weeks – but the day after my cast was off, I was back to working out. I couldn’t get to the fitness center fast enough.

What makes Edward unique?
Edward excels in customer service. In today’s busy world, customer service isn’t consistent from place to place - but it really makes a difference to people. It has made a huge difference for me; last fall, I catered a meal for the entire staff to show my appreciation and gratitude.

Edward’s climate is warm and caring – it’s not generic like other fitness centers. Both locations - Seven Bridges and Naperville - have created a culture where people want to be.

The atmosphere is also very social. I feel like I belong here. I see people who look and act like me, and it’s very motivating.

What are your fitness goals?
I want to continue working out at least 3-5 times a week. After I workout, I have a bounce in my step and my head is clear. I still think like a 30-year old man.


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