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Dive into the benefits of a water workout
Want to improve your strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance and cardiovascular condition? Try a workout in the water. The benefits of water seem to be endless and the more research that is done the more that theory is supported. A water workout can benefit everyone from those who are out of shape, injured, weak, pre- and post-surgery patients to even the fittest athlete.

Submerge yourself in the pool and without even moving, you can start to feel the soothing, supporting and refreshing qualities of water.

“The pressure from the water that is placed on the body decreases pain and edema, and increases circulation; which lowers blood pressure and reduces swelling,” says Alice Novotny, adult aquatic coordinator at Edward Health & Fitness Centers. “The human body submerged in water is buoyant, which decreases pressure on weight bearing joints and connective tissue, alleviating pain and pressure. The more of your body that is submerged in the water, the less stress you put on your joints and spine allowing you to determine the best depth for your needs.”

Water surrounds your body and gives you support and resistance in all directions. Standing up in the water requires use of your core muscles. The more movement you do in the water, the more core stabilization is required. Even if you aren’t able to work your core muscles on land, you can get a safe supported workout in the water.

“Water is a natural resistant; it has 12 times the viscosity of air, the harder you push against it, the more resistance it supplies,” says Novotny. This causes the movements to be slower, and gives you the ability to analyze the action in detail, which is why it is so great for everyone. The trained athlete can use force in the water getting tremendous resistance and still focus on exact technique and retraining patterns of movement. The same principles of water will provide just the right support and assistance to a recovering patient learning to walk with a proper gait again.”

Edward Health & Fitness offers a variety of structured water classes to help you achieve your fitness goals. Specific classes are formatted for special populations, including arthritis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, low back, and prenatal. For a more general workout, Edward also offers aqua zumba, warm water sampler, beat the hill, undercurrents, liquid body burn, arms, abs and anatomy, deep blue , fluid dynamics, interval challenge, hydro pump, ai chi, yoqua, flexible fun and runnin’ wet. To view all of the aqua classes offered, click on the aquatics class schedule.

From the novice to expert, Edward Health & Fitness also offers adult swimming programs for every level, starting with Don’t Fear the Water, progressing to Ripples and then Stroke Clinic. When you have made it through this progression, Edward has a Master swim team, Naperville Waves, to keep you challenged and fit.

For more information about how a water workout can help you meet your specific fitness and swimming goals or rehab needs, call Alice Novotny at (630) 646-5905.


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