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Personal training gave client confidence, accountability
For most of his life, Mark Adams has juggled the ups and downs of his weight. But a cardiac event scared the 53 year old businessman into making a major lifestyle change – and Edward Health & Fitness Centers’ personal training services helped him achieve his goal.

In January 2010, after experiencing atrial fibrillation, Adams set a hefty goal to lose 100 pounds. The 318 pound man was under the care of a cardiologist and taking four different medications for various conditions including hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep issues.

In just seven months, Adams went from leading a sedentary lifestyle to a lifestyle where physical activity and health were his number one priority. He lost more than 100 pounds and reduced his body fat percentage from 39% to 15%. And, he no longer needs medication of any kind.

Adams attributes much of his success to his personal trainer, Dan Johnson, a Fitness Specialist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer at Edward. Very early on, Adams purchased a personal training package and started working with Johnson two to three times a week. He established a routine of exercising on his own for at least 60 minutes on the remaining four days. Adams also adjusted his diet to include lean meat, protein, fruit and fewer carbohydrates, and he counted every calorie that he ate.

“I give a huge amount of credit to Dan for his help, emotionally and professionally. When I first came to him, I was so out of shape and so big, but Dan knew that I needed to be careful. He always had a defined plan and pushed me a little bit harder each time,” Adams says.

Personal training gave Adams the accountability to be true to his workout times. It also gave him the confidence he needed to overcome the plateaus that occur with weight loss.

“My goal was to establish a routine for Mark and get him comfortable with coming to the fitness center,” Johnson explains. “Mark was so determined and after two weeks, I knew that he was going to achieve his goal. If he didn’t, I would have felt like I failed him.”

Johnson works with clients ranging in age from 16 to 65 years old – and his approach is the same: he rotates every session so the client doesn’t know what to expect. The session may focus on interval training, endurance or strength, or a combination of all three, but he changes the session so the client doesn’t get bored and the body experiences fewer plateaus. He also focuses on the client’s individual needs and fitness goals.

“Everyone is different, but I push my clients as much as possible – without them hating it. Most of the time, we start out as clients and in the end become friends,” Johnson says.

Edward Health & Fitness offers a variety of personal training packages for members and non-members. Johnson’s advice is to purchase enough sessions so that you’re able to establish a habit of working out, learn workout routines, and glean fitness advice from your trainer.

Adams continues to exercise at least four times a week, and is working with Johnson to complete his fitness goal of weighing less than 200 pounds.

His advice to others?

“Don’t think you can’t do it…you can! It takes a plan and it takes patience. It’s the realization that you’re doing it for you- not your wife, friends or anybody else. It’s for your inner health,” Adam says.


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