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Mind your manners: 10 do's and don'ts of gym etiquette
Whether you’re a new member or have been around for 20 years here are 10 do’s and don’ts to make sure you fit right in at Edward Health & Fitness Centers.

1. TOE THE LINE – You must wear close-toed shoes (no sandals allowed) while working out on the fitness equipment, in the free weight room, and in aerobics classes. Exceptions to this are in classes such as yoga and while stretching.

2. READ BEFORE YOU USE – There is a 30-minute sign up policy for all cardiovascular equipment. The policy is clearly written on all sign-up clip boards located on the front of each piece of equipment.

3. “HE DID WHAT!” – While Edward is a cell-phone friendly campus, they are NOT allowed in any locker rooms, or to be used in classes. Please be courteous when using them around members on the fitness floor.

4. KEEP IT CLEAN – Please pick-up after yourself in the fitness areas as well as in the locker rooms. This includes re-racking the weights when you’re done with them, wiping and sanitizing the equipment when you’re finished, and placing used towels in their appropriate bins.

5. ODE DE MEMBER – Some members may suffer asthmatic and/or allergic reactions to cologne. Please be sensitive to fellow members and wash it off before working out or getting into the water.

6. NO TAILGAITING– Hovering over someone in order to “call next” is very distracting. If you’re stuck waiting for a particular machine, use the opportunity to stretch your muscles.

7. THIS IS MY WEIGHT ROOM – Though it is easier to get your workout in if you can set up different stations, others do have the right to use the equipment that you are not currently using.

8. PHONE FIRST – If you know you are running late or can’t make your appointment please call and let us know. Personal trainers and fitness specialists will have other appointments.

9. BETTER LATE THEN NEVER– Group classes are typically one hour long. If you are late, try and warm up before joining the main stream of the class to avoid injury. If you must leave early, please inform the instructor as a courtesy, before class begins.

10. STAY ON TRACK - Please remember to look before you enter/exit the track; and please be aware that we ask walkers/joggers to stick to the inside lanes, while runners use the outside lane. Also, please be courteous when passing someone, allow plenty of space and don’t cut people off.


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