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5 reasons to add kettlebells to your workout
Kettlebells have been around for years, but are becoming increasingly popular. Here are five reasons why you should consider adding Kettlebells to your workout:

1.) Versatility – It is easy to progress into different exercises without putting the kettlebell down.

2.) Shorter, full body workouts – Most kettlebell exercises include more than just one muscle group, therefore workouts target more muscle groups in a shorter amount of time.

3.)Quick Results – Kettlebell workouts use so many muscle groups, if you are consistently using them, you will see results faster than using traditional weights.

4.) Easy to perform and master – Once basic instruction is given, it is easy to master even the hardest of kettlebell exercises.

5.) Added bonus of cardiovascular endurance– Kettlebell workouts are full body, therefore the workouts are harder and they develop a cardiovascular aspect to them improving cardiovascular endurance.

Edward’s Kettlekore class is something you can incorporate into your own workout once you are comfortable with the exercises. Classes are a full body, easy to understand workout that will push you both mentally and physically. Because Kettlekore is a full body workout it helps build strength and cardiovascular endurance. Kettlekore is a great way to mix up your routine and promote even greater fitness and results.


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