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Seven things I've learned by being a member from the start
Angelo Calvello joined Edward Health & Fitness Centers before it even opened.

He took advantage of preregistration in Seven Bridges' inaugural year and kept coming back. Now retired, he's a regular at both the Naperville and Woodridge locations with a fitness regimen that includes yoga, spinning, BOSU balance, strength training and boxing.

Here are a few things he's learned about getting motivated, staying fit and slapping a high-five.

1."What motivates me?I feel better when I work out."

2. "I wasn't always a class guy. I was sometimes doing it on my own. But I found that taking those classes provides me with the structure I need to make sure I get that hour of exercise I need in a particular day."

3."There's not much junk food in my diet, not much TV in my system."

4."The cold weather is a barrier. ... In the summer I will often take classes as well, but I'm more likely to disappear on a bike ride or a run in summer than I will in winter."

5."I feel better when I exercise. I sleep better. I think better. I think there's a general level of wellness that occurs to me when I work out."

6."There are people I know well enough to say hello; we see each other in class and maybe slap a high-five or something. That's a benefit somewhat beyond the simple benefit of exercising, part of overall wellness. Having friends makes you feel better."

7."There's that sense of friendship. I expect people to be there certain days, at certain times, and also people expect me. It's that element of community ... around this shared value of wellness that has developed over the years. That's also a motivator, to see some guys and talk."


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