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Prevent golf injuries with proper conditioning
Before you tee up for another golf season, get your body into shape with golf conditioning at Edward.

A golf specific strength and conditioning program will develop the mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and power that the body needs to perform the golf swing. The results will help improve the overall efficiency of your swing.

Proper physical conditioning helps you to reduce your risks of injury and have a more enjoyable experience on the links. Most golf injuries occur as a result of improper swing mechanics or muscle imbalance. The most common injuries affect the lower back and elbows, and generally occur when a person’s body can't physically move the way it needs to move to swing the club correctly.

“Golf and being in physical golf shape go hand in hand. When you're in better physical condition, you’ll have fewer injuries and you’ll improve your game,” says Sharon McGuire, a certified TPI golf conditioning specialist and personal trainer at Edward Health & Fitness Centers.

As with most sports, McGuire recommends that golfers should try to maintain a year round training program.

“It’s one thing to go to the gym but golf conditioning offers exercises that are specific to the sport of golf,” says McGuire.

Golf-specific exercises develop strength and stamina without changing the shape of your body. Changing the shape of your body can alter your golf game, according to McGuire.

If you haven’t started your preseason exercise routine, there is still time.

EHFC Golf Conditioning
Golfers of all ages can get ready with a six week Golf Conditioning program at EHFC. Each week, a personal trainer provides exercises that targets different muscle groups and focuses on a specific component of conditioning:
  • Week 1: stability and mobility
  • Week 2: posture
  • Week 3: pelvic hip complex
  • Week 4: muscular strength and endurance
  • Week 5: circuit training with cardio endurance
  • Week 6: power

  • Golf Conditioning is taught in a small group setting with a maximum number of 8 participants to offer one-on-one training assistance. Many golfers choose to repeat the class throughout the season and during the off-season months.

    For more information about Golf Conditioning, call Carol Teteak at (630) 646-7920.


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