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6 Ways to Bring Your Workout Indoors

Just because the weather has taken a turn doesn't mean that your workouts have to suffer. Here are six tips to help you start winding down your outdoor routine and transition into indoors.

 Winter is time to recover
It does not matter if you ran the Chicago marathon or your first 5K, if you have pushed yourself hard it is time to tone down the intensity. For elite athletes and weekend warriors alike, this time of year is base training, not time off. This usually means training at a lower heart rate but for a longer duration.

 Time to try something new

It's the time of the year to add
a little twist to your workout. Or
work with a personal trainer to
learn something new.

This is the time of year when you try tai chi, a yoga class, racquetball, or Zumba to add a little twist to your workout. Hire a personal trainer and get a fresh prospective.

 Time to work that ‘Core'
Many activities, such as cycling, heavily utilize the muscles in your abdominals and lower back but do nothing to build up the strength of these muscles. Our core stabilizes our upper body during most activities, from typing on a computer to playing football, and with a weak core, our performance suffers.

 Get specific, Get Functional
While trying new exercises or classes make sure they still relate to what you were doing outside. If you have a long hiking trip planned for next spring, cardiovascular exercise should still be the foundation of your workout. Change it up though, by adding swimming or a spin class rather then jumping on the treadmill.

 Look back and recognize your accomplishments.
Celebrate your first 5K or 10K run regardless of your time. It's an amazing accomplishment. Millions of people will never even attempt this in their lifetime, but you did. Reward yourself with a massage or a new pair of shoes.

 Prepare for next year now
Now that you have taken some time to recover, it is time to start thinking about next year. Regardless of your activity, next year's performance builds on the time and effort you put in last year. If you did your first 10K run and want more, now is the time to start looking for new events and putting together a training schedule.

For more info on how our fitness center can help you, go to edward.org/fitness.



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