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Incline machines take cardio to new peaks
Even if members do a “hill” routine on a regular treadmill, they can only punch it up to a 12.5-percent incline.

Edward Health and Fitness’ new incline machines look like treadmills, but they go up to 30 percent, says fitness coordinator Rob Baranowski. They also have a springier surface to reduce impact on the knees and stress on the joints in general.

“It’s a good cardio workout for the person who’s not able to run or get their heart rate up on a bike,” Baranowski says.

That’s because as the incline increases, the heart rate increases. Incline training also works the hip flexors, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles.

Members interested in interval training can use the incline machines to mimic the ups and downs of easier and tougher hills outside. The incline machines are designed to decline 3 percent as well, Baranowski says. This is especially useful for marathoners and other distance runners.

“When you go outside, you’re used to (going downhill) so it’s not so dramatic,” he says. “You can get shin splints pretty bad if you’re not used to it.”

Baranowski says people of all fitness levels can try an incline machine. If they wish, he says, they can still use it like a treadmill.


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