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Want results? Gotta put in the work
Fitness coordinator and personal trainer Carol Teteak got frustrated watching people drop out of her weight-loss class year after year.

She and other trainers felt they were working too hard, while participants were not working hard enough. They cancelled the class and redesigned it with a realistic attitude.

“We want people that want a change in their life for the better and they want to lead a healthier lifestyle,” Teteak said. “They want to live better. They want to be able to do things with their grandchildren. They want to continue with extracurricular activities. They want to do things with their children. They want to do things with their families. We’re saying you can do this but you need to put the work in.”

Teteak said people want easy answers to being overweight – a pill, a breakfast cereal or a “crazy machine.”

She believes a popular reality show has set up unrealistic expectations. “The Biggest Loser” prepares healthy meals for participants and has them live 24/7 with trainers and other people who are going through the same fitness and nutrition program. While the physical challenges are grueling, all the everyday stresses are removed.

“In real life, people are still working,” Teteak said. “They’re making meals for themselves. They’re dealing with their families.”

In the new class, called Work for Results, personal trainers will teach participants to own the fundamentals of fitness themselves: strength training, cardiovascular training and healthy eating.

“If you have all of those, and we challenge them at all levels, we can get them out of that rut,” Teteak said. “They need to know they need to work to get these results.”


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