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Defy aging with the help of a personal trainer

 Carol Dreiss, personal trainer

Cecelia Ryan, 52, has lost 50 pounds working out with personal trainer Carol Dreiss (left). Carol trains clients age 14 to 73.  

So you survived the hot flashes, and now you're wondering what could possibly be next?

The answer may be osteoporosis. Bone loss accelerates rapidly after menopause and by the time a woman reaches 70, she can lose as much as 30 percent of her bone density.

Sounds hopeless? Absolutely not! One of the best ways to slow or prevent age-related problems with our bones, muscles and joints is regular exercise. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises help prevent bone loss and may even increase bone density.

Consult your physician before starting an exercise program, and you may want to enlist the help of a personal trainer. Working with a personal trainer offers many benefits, but the most important information a properly-educated trainer can provide is how to exercise safely. Is personal training for you? Email for more info.

Personal trainer, Carol Dreiss, from Edward Health & Fitness Centers says, "Exercises done incorrectly can seriously injure your back or joints, which is especially important as we get older." Dreiss says the exercise she sees most women doing incorrectly is the lunge, which can damage the knees.

Because safety is the most important factor, you should look for a trainer that is certified by a reputable organization, such as the American Council on Exercise or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

For those recovering from an injury, a personal trainer is a good next step following physical therapy. A personal trainer educated in exercise physiology can also design a safe exercise program for those with illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, obesity and osteoporosis.

For the beginning exerciser, a trainer can help you get over the intimidation of being in the gym and build confidence. If you're more advanced, a trainer can help you break through a weight loss or fitness plateau. If you've been exercising regularly but are not seeing results, you may be doing the exercises incorrectly and therefore not getting the full benefit. Or your body may have adapted to your routine in which case a trainer can help you incorporate some minor changes. Another benefit is the accountability that a scheduled appointment with a personal trainer provides.

Dreiss recommends one hour sessions from one to three times per week, and she spends most of the session on strength training and proper execution of the exercises.

"It's very empowering for women to realize how physically strong they can become," says Dreiss. Along with the physical changes, she notices her clients' increased self confidence and self esteem.

It's never too late to get started. Dreiss has clients in their 70s, and Edward Health & Fitness Centers are proud to have 200 members in their 80s and 90s, which proves her claim that "exercise is the true fountain of youth." As you age, exercise improves your posture and stamina, and lessens aches and pains. Balance exercises, such as yoga and tai chi, significantly reduce the risk of falling in the elderly to prevent fractures.


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