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Six ways to get kids moving
Did you know that incorporating sports training and fitness related activities at a young age can help a child build exercise habits that will last a lifetime? Children of all ages can benefit from sports and fitness training. The best training programs are those that offer the child a well-rounded positive experience. Sports and fitness classes for children should improve overall strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and most of all be fun.

One of the most important aspects in fitness or a sports class for children is having fun. If children have a negative experience or are bored with their class this could leave a negative lasting impression. Here are some easy tips for busy parents to help foster an active environment:

  • Play with your kids. Teach them a game you played as a child or invent a new active game together.

  • Lead by example. Children will mirror what you do. If they see you work out and eat healthy they will most likely do the same. On the other hand, if they see you sit on the couch in front of the TV with a bag of chips, they will lead by that example as well.

  • Get involved in a sport or sports class. Edward Health & Fitness Centers offer gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, soccer and T-ball.

  • Set limitations on electronics. Try to keep electronic devices out of children’s bedrooms and make a rule that children can’t watch TV or play games until its dark outside.

  • Participate in Edward Health & Fitness children’s programming. Edward offers a wide array of activities for children ages 6 months – 15 years old.

  • Be creative and fun. Encourage your child to join a fitness or sports class, play outside with a friend or invent a new game where they get dirty and have fun.

    Children should be involved in programming that offers a positive engaging environment that not only improves their physical skills, but that also teaches fitness as a way of life. Edward Health & Fitness offers many classes that are fun, active and help children build an exercise platform that will benefit them throughout their life. Click here for a complete list of Children’s Programs.


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