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Aspirations Program for Asperger's Disorder


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An adolescent with Asperger’s may excel in specific areas of their interests, such as applied mathematics or computer programming, while finding social rules and emotional experiences unusually difficult to understand or apply.

Symptoms of Asperger’s are often unnoticeable to others in times of low stress, so social and emotional needs might be easily overlooked. Others might only notice the adolescent’s struggle when stress or demands increase, and the difficulties of managing social demands alongside regulating mood might become overwhelming for an adolescent with Asperger’s. To help meet the needs of this underserved group, Linden Oaks offers Aspirations, an intensive outpatient program for adolescents with Asperger’s Syndrome who also struggle with anxiety and mood disorders.

Aspirations uses a unique blend of therapies to make a difference for the adolescent and his/her family.  The program consists of participation in outpatient therapy in the morning (five days a week) and attending afternoon classes at his or her regular school.

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