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Vasudha Lingareddy, MD, FACRO


Vasudha Lingareddy, M.D., FACRO

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Why she loves working in oncology
Two reasons: patients and technology. Radiation therapy has had such substantial ongoing technologic improvements over the years. Our delivery of treatment has been more precise, accurate, and effective. However, most importantly I enjoy working with oncology patients. I think patients show great strength, and that's the reason I truly love this field.

Why the new Cancer Center makes her excited
On the radiation oncology side, it's definitely the technology we offer. I truly believe you can't find a cancer center in the area that offers such advanced technology. We offer the most advanced linear accelerator available, and high-dose rate brachytherapy (called MammoSite for breast cancer cases). We also offer an on-board imager (OBI)-to obtain images of a patient's treatment area on a screen within seconds without having to rely on films.

The advantages of brachytherapy
With brachytherapy, we're able to offer a more precise dose of radiation while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues. And, cure rates are higher because of it. In cases of MammoSite, which treats breast cancer, treatment time is significantly reduced.

Establishing a peaceful environment for patients
Another very exciting aspect of the Edward Cancer Center is its aesthetic value for patients. It's truly a serene environment that makes it easier for us and for patients to be here. In fact, I have one patient that often stays after treatment to read the newspaper because he finds the surroundings so peaceful.

The importance of oncologists you can trust
Patients need excellent physicians to feel secure; physicians need to be up-to-date and well trained. And, I believe all of our physicians, both in medical oncology and radiation oncology, are excellent in terms of training and our continuing medical education. Plus, oncologists need to have compassion. Here it's apparent that we love what we do.

How Edward Cancer Center is unique
I work with a lot of breast and gynecological cancer patients. And, it's amazing to me how involved the physicians at Edward get in the treatment process. It's truly a collaborative effort. I have meetings with primary care physicians, surgeons, and specialists. For instance, with gynecological cancers, often times women's gynecologists are involved with the treatment.

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