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       Edward Hospital & Health Services - Naperville, Illinois
            Locations & Services
                 Locations Map
                      Naperville Campus Map
                           Medical Services
                           Parking & Valet
                      Plainfield Campus Map
                           Plainfield Locations
                                Plainfield Cancer Center
                                Behavioral Health/Linden Oaks
                                Cardiac Diagnostics
                                Community Education
                                Emergency Services
                                Imaging and Lab
                                Outpatient Surgery
                                Physician Offices
                                Physical Therapy/Occ Health
                 Behavioral Health Services
                      How Behavioral Health Treatment Works
                           Levels of Care / Treatment
                           Linden Oaks Medical Group
                           Support Groups
                           Insurance for Behavioral Health
                      Behavioral Health Services & Programs
                           Addiction Services
                           Adolescent Services
                           Aspirations Program for Asperger's Disorder
                                Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
                           Eating Disorders
                           Self Injury
                      Find a Location
                           Inpatient - Linden Oaks Hospital at Edward
                           Outpatient Locations
                                Linden Oaks at St. Charles
                           Residential Locations
                      For Medical and Behavioral Health Professionals
                           Make a Referral for Behavioral Health
                           Upcoming Professional Events
                      For Schools and School Representatives
                      Mental Health First Aid
                           MHFA Newsletter - August 2015
                           MHFA Newsletter - January 2015
                           MHFA Newsletter - May 2015
                           Training Dates for Mental Health First Aid
                           Mental Health First Aid Videos
                      News and Events
                           Linden Oaks 25th Anniversary Event
                           NCH & Linden Oaks Management Agreement
                           Behavioral Health Partners eNewsletter
                                eNewsletter - August 2015
                                eNewsletter - July 2015
                                eNewsletter - May 2015
                                eNewsletter - April 2015
                                eNewsletter - January 2015
                                eNewsletter - February 2015
                                eNewsletter - March 2015
                                eNewsletter - December 2014
                                eNewsletter - November 2014
                                eNewsletter - October 2014
                                eNewsletter - September 2014
                                eNewsletter - August 2014
                                eNewsletter - July 2014
                                eNewsletter - June 2014
                                eNewsletter - May 2014
                                eNewsletter - April 2014
                                eNewsletter - February 2014
                           Events and Training
                 Breast Center
                      Early Detection
                           3-D mammogram saves lives
                           3D Mammography Video
                      Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program
                      Breast Care Team
                      Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
                      Treatment and Support
                      Mammography Locations
                 Cancer Center
                      Cancer Conditions & Treatments
                           Cancer Clinics
                           Cancer Surgery
                                Nanoknife for Cancer Treatment
                                Surgical Oncology Procedures
                                Infusion Services Forms
                           Image-Guided Technology
                           Lung Cancer / Thoracic Oncology Clinic
                           Neuro-Oncology Center
                           Radiation Treatment Options
                           Infusion Services
                      Screening & Diagnosis
                           CT Lung Screening
                           Diagnosing Cancer
                           When should you seek a second medical opinion?
                           Cancer Health Library
                           Genetic Counseling
                           Cancer Risk Assessment
                      Meet Our Specialists
                           Mansoina Baweja, MD
                           William Broderick, MD
                           Neil Das Gupta, MD
                           Alexander Hantel, MD
                           Joseph Kash, MD
                           Oh-Hoon Kwon, MD
                           Vasudha Lingareddy, MD, FACRO
                           Maria Quejada, MD
                           George Salti, MD
                           Andy Su, MD
                           Samir Undevia, MD
                           Cancer Advanced Practice Nurses
                      First Steps with Cancer
                           Cancer Information Center
                      Clinical Trials at Edward
                           Search Clinical Trials
                           Clinical Trials FAQ
                      Coping and Cancer Support Groups
                      Cancer Center Locations
                 Children's Services
                      Pediatrics / Pediatric Intensive Care
                      Care Center
                      Specialty Centers
                      Pediatric Special Procedures
                           Pediatric Procedure Instructions
                      Ronald McDonald Family Room
                      Genetic Counseling
                      Our Team
                      Pediatrics Center Health Library
                 Corporate & Occupational Health
                      Meet the Team
                      Workers' Comp
                      Injury Prevention
                      Drug Testing
                      Employee & Executive Physicals
                      Employee Wellness
                           Mind-Body Balance
                           Heart Health
                           Wellness Screenings
                           CPR/First Aid
                           Sleep Information
                      Occupational Health Locations
                      Travel Medicine
                 Diabetes Center
                      Our Programs
                           Type 1 Diabetes - Adult
                           Type 1 Diabetes - Teen
                           Type 1 Diabetes - Children
                           Pre-Diabetes & Type 2
                           Diabetes During Pregnancy
                           Insulin Pump
                           Continuous Blood Glucose Sensor Evaluation
                           Personal Glucose Sensor Training
                           Medical Nutrition Therapy
                           Educacion De Diabetes En Espanol
                      Diabetes Online Classes
                           Diabetes First Steps to Healthy Eating
                           Diabetes First Steps to Healthy Eating Spanish
                           Understanding Diabetes Video
                           Diabetes Exercise Video
                           Diabetes Heart Healthy Eating Video
                           Diabetes Carbohydrate Counting Video
                           Diabetes Preventing Complications Video
                           Diabetes Medications Video
                           Diabetes Center Video: First steps to healthy eating - Spanish
                      Who Is at Risk?
                      Meet the Diabetes Center Staff
                      Patient Information - How to Make an Appointment
                      Diabetes Support Groups
                      Diabetes Patient Stories
                      Diabetes Center Events
                      Diabetes Health Links
                      Diabetes Center Location
                 Emergency Care
                      ER Wait Times
                           ER Wait Time Texting FAQ
                      Plainfield 24/7 ER
                      Meet our Team
                           Find an Emergency Physician
                      Is This an Emergency?
                      What to Expect
                      EMS and Paramedic Education
                           Resources for Paramedics
                           Resources for ECRNs
                           Paramedic Education
                           Meet the Team
                           EMS Helpful Resources
                 Family Birth Center
                      Preparing for Pregnancy
                           Seven ways to prepare for pregnancy
                           Before You Get Pregnant
                           Pregnancy Health Center
                           Find a Physician
                      While You Are Pregnant
                           Staying Healthy During Pregnancy
                           Nine-Month Miracle
                      Prenatal Classes
                      Special Care Pregnancies
                           Meet our Specialists
                           High Risk Pregnancies
                           Newborn Developmental Follow-Up Clinic
                           Antepartum Unit
                                Antepartum Resources
                                Meet Our Team
                           Perinatology Services
                           Gestational Diabetes
                           Transport Team
                      Labor & delivery
                           Mother/Baby Rooms
                           Midwife Services
                           Preparing for Labor
                                OB Registration
                                Labor & Delivery Health Library
                                Warning signs
                                Signs of Pre-Term Labor
                                Signs of True Labor
                      After Your Baby is Born
                           Newborn Intensive Care Unit
                                NICU Team and Resources
                                Your Baby's Development
                                NICU Equipment
                                Visitation & General NICU Guidelines
                                Going Home
                           Breastfeeding Center
                                For Edward Employees
                           Taking Care of Mom
                           Cradle Talk
                           Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
                                Postpartum Depression Specialists
                           Taking Care of Baby
                           Baby Portraits
                           Genetic Counseling
                           Going home
                                Preparing for Discharge
                                     Discharge Instructions for Mom
                                     Discharge Instructions for Baby
                                     Helpful Resources
                                Support Groups
                                Baby's First Weeks
                      Maternity FAQs
                 HealthAware Center
                      Edward Healthy Kitchen Videos
                           Recipe Submissions
                           Healthy Recipes
                                Edward Healthy Kitchen Recipes
                                Heart Healthy Recipes
                                Holiday Recipes
                      Health Challenges
                      Health Tips
                           Measles vaccine provides the best protection for you and your family
                           10 Things Doctors Suggest for a Healthier Lifestyle
                           Easy Tips for Avoiding Broken Bones This Winter
                           Put the Happy Back in Your Holiday
                           Five Things to Know About Ebola
                           TMS Provides Hope for Major Depression Sufferers
                           Tricks for a Healthy Halloween
                           Get Your Flu Shots Now
                           Tips for a Safe Summer
                           Five Ways for Women to Make Health a Top Priority
                           Q&A - Kids and Immunizations
                           Q&A - Screening Guidelines for Women
                           Q&A - Overactive Bladder
                           Q&A - How much sleep do you need?
                           Upcoming Races and Running Events
                           Baby Zoe - 10 Years Later
                           Travel Clinic
                           Health Care Reform
                           HealthAware Newsletter
                                Newsletter Archives
                                     Tips to keep fit while traveling
                                     Beat the Heat and Prevent Heat Stroke
                                     Does bronze mean beautiful?
                                     Bugs biting? Fight back
                                     Putting the kibosh on summer health myths and remedies
                                     Stroke: Know the signs, know your risk
                                     The connection between sleep apnea and stroke
                                     Help me reach my fitness goals
                                     Preventing heartburn: 3 foods to avoid
                      ProActive Kids Program
                           ProActive Kids’ goals – lose weight...gain a healthy lifestyle
                      Screenings at Edward
                           Heart and Vascular
                           Anxiety and Depression
                      Wellness & Lifestyle Management
                           Weight Loss & Lifestyle Management
                           Practicing what you preach – one heart doctor’s lifestyle crusade
                 Heart Hospital
                      Heart Conditions & Treatments
                           High Blood Pressure: New procedure offers hope
                           Heart Treatments & Technology
                           Metabolic Syndrome
                                Time Is Everything
                           Left Ventricle Assist Device
                           Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
                      Heart Screenings & Diagnosis
                           When should I be screened?
                           Diagnosing Heart Disease
                           Stroke Screening
                           Genetic Counseling
                      Meet the Specialists
                           Your questions answered on heart healthy stats
                           Find a Cardiac Surgeon
                           Find a Cardiologist
                      Heart Health
                           Women and Heart Disease
                      Cardiac Rehab & Support Groups
                      Heart Hospital Locations
                 Home Health Care
                      Medicare and Your Eligibility
                      Your Safe Transition Home
                      What to Expect When Starting Care
                      Treatment and Therapy
                      Home Care Service Areas
                      Home Care Resources
                 Imaging & Radiology
                      Radiology Exams
                           Open MRI
                      Radiologists at Edward
                      Imaging Center Locations
                 Immediate Care
                 Kids' ER
                      Meet our Team
                      Is This an Emergency?
                 Lab Services
                      Lab Supply Order Form
                      Reference Lab Locations & Hours
                      EdXpress Scheduling
                           What to Expect
                 Neurosciences Institute
                      Neurological Conditions and Treatments
                           Acute Ischemic Stroke
                           Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)
                           Cerebral Aneurysm
                           Headache Clinic
                           Neck and Back Pain
                           Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
                           Neurodiagnostic Testing
                                EEG / EMG
                                How to Prepare
                                ABRET Accreditation
                      Screening & Diagnosis
                           Stroke & Vascular Screening
                           Aortic Aneurysm Screening
                           Peripheral Artery Disease Screening
                           Carotid Artery Disease Screening
                           Managing Migraines: A Three-Step Plan
                      Meet our Specialists
                           Michael J. Caron, M.D.
                           Kevin Bockhold, M.D.
                           Sameer Ansari, M.D.
                           Michael Hurley, M.D.
                           Mohammad Khan MD
                           Kevin Kelly, M.D.
                           Hurmina Muqtadar M.D.
                           Mohammad Sajed, M.D.
                           William Schueler M.D.
                           Ali Shaibani, M.D.
                           Yonghua Zhang M.D.
                           Li Zhang M.D.
                           Diane Blowers, PA-C
                           Dan Sears, PA-C
                           Peter Schorr PA-C
                           Caryn S. Everidge RN
                           Cheryl Lorenzin RN
                      Neurosciences Institute Locations
                 Nutrition Services
                      Registered Dietitians
                      Healthy Eating Tips
                      Nutrition Classes
                      Recipe Corner
                 Orthopedic Center
                      Orthopedic Program
                           Orthopedic Services & Treatments
                           Orthopedic Surgery What to Expect
                           Orthopedic Center on Naperville Community TV
                      Spine Program
                           Spine Surgery What to Expect
                 Physical Therapy & Rehab
                      Physical Therapy
                      Occupational Therapy
                           Pediatric Occupational Therapy
                           Our Team/Resources
                      Speech, Language & Swallowing
                           Adult Speech Therapy
                           Pediatric Speech Therapy
                      Sports Medicine
                           Free Injury Screenings
                      Specialty Programs
                           Hand Therapy
                           Incontinence & Pelvic Pain: Men and Women
                           Industrial Rehab/Ergonomics
                           Lymphedema Management
                           Neurological Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
                           Pediatric Physical Therapy
                           Pelvic Pain
                           Physical Therapy for Joint & Back Pain
                           Pulmonary Rehab
                           Spine Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
                      Edward Rehab Staff
                           Rehab Staff Naperville
                           Rehab Staff Plainfield
                           Rehab Staff Romeoville
                           Rehab Staff Woodridge
                           Rehab Staff Yorkville
                           Rehab Staff Crest Hill
                           Acute Care
                           Health Tips from Our Staff
                      Planning Your Visit
                           Insurances Accepted
                           Patient Forms
                      Rehab Locations
                      For Rehab Professionals
                 Sleep Center
                      Sleep Disorders & Treatments
                      Do I Have a Sleep Disorder?
                      Sleep and Your Health
                           My Child's Sleep
                      Healthy Sleep Habits
                      What is a Sleep Study?
                           How do I Schedule a Sleep Study?
                      Patient Sleep Questionnaire
                      What Patients are Saying
                      AWAKE Support Group
                      Sleep Center Location
                 Surgical Services
                      da Vinci Surgery (robotic surgery)
                           Patient Story
                           da Vinci Surgeons
                      Our Services
                           Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery
                           Breast Reconstruction
                           Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular Surgery
                           Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
                           Gynecological Surgery
                           Plastic Surgery
                      Preparing for Surgery
                      Surgical Services Locations
                      Operating Rooms
                      Orthopedics Health Library
                 Walk-In Clinic
                      Edward Walk-In Clinic Providers
                      Emergency Department, Immediate Care, Walk-In Clinic or Doctor’s Office?
                      Insurance Plans
                 Women and Children's Services
                      Gynecologic Oncology
                      Women's Health Library
                 Women's Center for Pelvic Medicine
                      Expanded Center Offers Relief for Incontinence, Pelvic Pain
                      What Is Incontinence?
                      Causes of Incontinence
                      How Is It Treated?
                      How Is Pelvic Pain Treated?
                      Our Center
                      Meet Our Team
                      Support Group
                      Who Is a Candidate for Urogyne Services?
                 Wound Care
                      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
            Conditions and Treatments
                 Medical Services
            For Patients and Visitors
                 Ambulance Services
                 Bill Pay - Physician Billing
                      Billing Policies
                           Patient Balances/Payment Options
                           Managed Care Policies
                           Medicare Policies
                           Workers' Compensation Claims
                      Financial Assistance
                           Maggie's Story
                           Louisa's Story
                      Helpful Resources for Billing
                           Billing Term Glossary
                           Coordination of Benefits Form
                           Links & Phone Numbers
                           Billing - General Questions
                           Online Billing FAQs
                           Insurance FAQs
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                      The Salon at Edward
                 Flower Shop
                      Essentials Gift Shop
                      Send a Card
                 Insurance Plans Accepted
                 Healthcare Decision Support
                 How We Perform
                      Edward at-a-Glance: Awards and Recognition
                      Community Polls & Surveys
                      Hospital Rating Organizations
                 Healing Arts & Animal-Assisted Therapy
                      Animal-Assisted Therapy
                           Request a Visit
                           Make a Donation
                           Volunteer witn Animal Assisted Therapy
                 Frequently Asked Questions
                 Patient Advocate/Rights
                 Patient Safety
                      Your Care Team
                      Medication Tracking
                      Infection Prevention Q&A
                 Patient Stories
                      Learn about Support Groups
                 Price Estimations
                 Spiritual Care
                      Chaplain Services
                      Spiritual Care Team
                      Grief Recovery
                 Support Groups
                      CarePages / CaringBridge
                      SHARE Walk to Remember
                           SHARE Resources
                           Wings of Hope Angel Garden
                           Ways to Help
                      Support Group Calendar
                 Virtual Tours & Video
            Classes & Fitness
                 Community Training Center
                      Why Learn CPR
                      Class Locations
                      CPR/First Aid Courses
                      Advanced Life Support Courses
                      Online Courses
                 Fitness Centers
                           Guest Policy
                           Frequently Asked Questions
                           Member Stories
                                Sign up for eFitNews
                                FitNews Articles
                      Finding the Right Gym for You
                      Fitness Services
                           Personal Training
                                Small Group Personal Training: All the experience half the price
                                Seven Bridges
                           Kids'/Teen Fitness
                                Teen Membership
                                Babysitting Services
                           Calorie Calculator
                      Classes & Programs
                           New Classes
                      Spa Services
                           All Spa Services
                           Massage Services
                           Nail Care
                           Facial Care
                           Body Care
                           Infant Massage Classes
                           Monthly Specials
                           General Information
                 CPR/First Aid Classes
                 College of DuPage Flu Clinic
                 Wellness & Lifestyle Management
            Health Library
                 Body Guide
                 Care Guides
                 Complementary Medicine
                 Heart Center Library
                 Find a Drug
                 Health Risk Assessments
                 Pregnancy Health Center
                 Senior Health Center
                 Wellness Tools
                 Health & Wellness Espanol
            Find a Doctor
                 Edward Medical Group Physicians
                           Family Practice
                           General Surgery
                           Internal Medicine
                           Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
                           Obstetrics & Gynecology
                           What makes a good match?
                      Office Locations
                           Crest Hill
                      Lab Locations
                      Physician Assistants
                      Nurse Practitioners
                      For Patients
                           EMG Healthy Minute Video Library
                           Screenings and Immunizations Checklist
                           How to Improve Allergy Symptoms
                      Insurance Plans
            Work Here
                 Search Jobs/Apply Online
                      Food Service Openings
                      Internship Opportunities
                 Career FAQs
                 Physician Opportunities
                      Explore the Community
                 New Employee Onboarding Materials
                      Employee Health Requirements
                 Nursing at Edward
                      For Nursing Students
                      Helping nurses grow
                      Magnet Hospital for Nursing
                      How we work
                 Continuing Education
            Ways to Give
                 About the Foundation
                      Foundation Leadership
                      News and Videos
                 Commemorative / Memorial Giving
                      Cradle Club
                 Donor Recognition
                 Foundation Events
            Contact Us
                 Send Us an E-mail
                 Connect with Us
                 Concierge Services
                      Patient/Family Advisory Committee


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