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Operating Rooms


Surgery in Edward Hospital's renovated OR.The Edward Hospital OR suites were designed to provide surgery that is as smart, and safe, as possible. The 20,000 square foot surgical services area includes:

  • 16 renovated/upgraded operating rooms (including six state-of-the-art ORs for minimally invasive surgical procedures and two relocated ORs for more efficient movement of patients)
  • Two renovated/upgraded minor procedure rooms
  • OR nursing stations with touch screen computer operation to control electronic equipment
  • State-of-the-art lighting that produces more light, less heat and requires bulbs that only need to be changed every ten years

Room to move

Much of the equipment in Edward's operating rooms are erogonomic, mounted on overhead booms and arms.This eliminates cumbersome cords snaking across the floor, makes it easier for the staff to move equipment, and frees up considerable floor space. The walls of the OR are unique, too. They're made of CorianTM, a premium material traditionally used for high-end kitchen countertops. Because it is non-porous, Corian is easier to clean and maintain, which is important for infection control.    

Hermes Voice-actived Equipment

Edward Hospital is the third in Illinois to offer Hermes voice-activated technology.  The Hermes equipment has been programmed to recognize the voices of eight surgeons who practice at Edward. The surgeon operates Hermes through a headset. During the procedure, the surgeon can tell Hermes to turn equipment on and off, change light settings, focus the laparoscopic camera, and more. This gives the surgeon greater control over the equipment during a procedure, and leaves the surgeon and team free to focus on the patient. 

Smart lights    

The overhead lights in Edward’s ORs do more than illuminate the procedure. They also contain automatic zoom-lens cameras that feed a helpful overhead view to the OR's video monitors.    

Charting computers

  • Each OR is also outfitted with its own charting computer.
  • This work station allows nurses to flip through lab reports before a procedure and record notes during a procedure.
  • This keeps the information accurate and up-to-the-minute.  

Anesthesia advances 

  • Edward’s ORs also include the latest anesthesiology technology, including bispectral analysis (BIS).
  • BIS is a device that monitors the patient’s brain activity during surgery.
  • This information allows the anesthesiologist to administer a precise amount of anesthesia to ensure the patient maintains an appropriate and safe amount of anesthesia throughout the entire procedure. Anesthesiologists on our medical staff are generally independent contractors and are not agents of the hospital. 


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