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Vincent Bufalino, M.D.

Vincent Bufalino, M.D.
President of Midwest Heart Specialists and medical director of cardiology

Hear more from Dr. Bufalino in a recent video interview.

Why he chose cardiology as his specialty
In medical school, I was exposed to cardiology early on, and I realized it was a totally fascinating area because there are so many different aspects to it. There are so many new techniques available now for things we used to think were inoperable or too far-gone. Today, in cardiology, we can fix it.

The growth of cardiac medicine
We’ve been in the middle of a 25-year explosion in cardiology. What we’re doing today, we didn’t even talk about 10 years ago. When I finished my medical training in 1979, angioplasty started, and everyone thought it was crazy. No one ever thought you could open up an artery with a balloon.

Now, when patients come to our office, 90 to 95 percent of the time we can change the outcome and make a difference in their lives. It’s an exciting thing to be in a field that’s changing all the time like that.

Heart Hospital philosophy
The Heart Hospital philosophy is to promote aggressive early screening, rapid diagnosis, and immediate intervention. Equally as important, we believe in educating patients and energizing them to understand heart disease so that they can live healthier lives.

Heart Hospital offers a unique style of care
The Heart Hospital has a staff of people that strongly believe in what they do. They love to come to work, and they’re into providing not just patient care, but making sure that patients walk out of the building educated. Everyone here is committed to being a mentor, and it’s an important part of the tone of the staff. When a patient or family leaves the building, we want them to understand what heart disease is all about and what they need to change.

Dedicated to making patients comfortable
The Heart Hospital patient satisfaction score is in the top percentile nationally which is amazingly high for an educated, demanding community like Naperville. We feel good that people are feeling good about the Heart Hospital, and that what was envisioned is being delivered every day.

Seeing the dream come to life
What we said would be delivered at the Heart Hospital, we delivered. Originally, there was some uncertainty in the community as to whether a dedicated heart hospital was really necessary. Now, we're at full capacity and are adding three floors and 42 beds to meet the needs of the community. Our excellent outcomes are recognized by organizations that review healthcare quality, which puts our program in a class with Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General and Cleveland Clinic. Most importantly, patients are getting quality care close to home. That's why we'll continue to set the bar high for quality.


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