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Maria Quejada, MD


Maria Quejada, M.D.

Maria Quejada, M.D.
Medical oncologist

A career close to the heart
The reason why I chose to specialize in medical oncology actually hits pretty close to home.  When I was growing up, my aunt became sick with leukemia and eventually passed away.  This had a large impact on me and it was at that time that I knew oncology was the direction I wished to point my career.  I have always been fascinated with the pathophysiology of cancers and blood disorders and was interested in the challenges that this field has to offer.

Focused on quality
I really enjoy having the opportunity to help and even potentially cure a person of something as devastating as cancer.  Unfortunately, we are not able to eliminate the disease in every person, but at least I can help to palliate patients' symptoms and give them good quality of life.  Working with the patients is what I enjoy most about being an oncologist.

If you have to be away from home, this is the place to be
The new Cancer Center is beautiful.  It is so bright and full of positive energy.  The Cancer Center has all of the amenities patients need but at the same time it does not have the atmosphere of a stereotypical hospital.  I just love it when patients tell me that the place gives them comfort-they are at peace and are comfortable receiving treatment here, whether in the open or in the private rooms.

More than just doctors
We have such a knowledgeable staff who love what they do.  Everyone is so compassionate and truly devoted to the patients.  It is not difficult to notice that everyone here loves their job.

More to offer
Edward offers the most up-to-date treatment options for patients.  Patients have the choice to participate in clinical trials and investigational drugs.  Edward Cancer Center is also unique in the treatment options available here: we take pride in our ability to offer chemotherapy and radiation therapy in one center.  It really brings us together as a team, and I believe that is very important.

What lies ahead
I see a bright future for the Edward Cancer Center.  We are a growing community and surely have the space to expand even more.  We have the most modern diagnostics that offer advanced imaging.  We also have an excellent and extremely knowledgeable staff.


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