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Joseph Kash, MD


Joseph Kash, M.D.

Joseph Kash, M.D.
Medical oncologist

Rising up to the challenge
While in medical school, one of my mentors was an attending physician who was the epitome of what I believe a good doctor to be.  I was inspired and wanted to take on the kind of role that my mentor had.  Oncology is a challenging field because it tends to have such a negative connotation.  Cancer is something that people typically run away from.  Running away doesn't solve anything though; I wanted to tackle it.

Quality care through commitment
Two things come to mind when thinking about patient care at Edward.  Number One: Our staff is a dedicated team that is really able to establish a close relationship to patients.  The Cancer Center team shares a sense of joy that is crucial for effective care-taking.  If you want happy patients, happy doctors are a must.  Number Two: Physicians are committed to providing treatment with Edward's state-of-the-art technology and put several hours of work into making Edward Cancer Center an academic center for the community.

Treating more than just a disease
The most enjoyable part of being an oncologist is working with the patients.  It's amazing how much you can learn about a person by just sitting in a room with them for a few minutes.  I have the opportunity to learn more than just what a person is suffering from-I learn who the person is, not just the patient.

It's about understanding, not just informing
In this day and age, cancer patients have access to an overwhelming amount of information.  Patients need a reliable source for information that they know they can trust.  We commit ourselves to helping patients to understand their particular disease and what steps are necessary in treatment.  Patients should not have to second guess the information they are provided with.

An atmosphere of support
I see our support services growing significantly.  Already the Edward Cancer Center takes an altruistic approach to patient care.  So much is offered from patient support groups to yoga classes.  Much also occurs behind the scenes.  For instance, we have a dedicated pharmacy team that is able to deliver medications to patients in an optimal manner.  This is an expanding and integrated program that I am happy to be a part of.

Advanced treatment for an advanced disease
Radioactive antibody therapies offer cutting-edge treatment to cancer patients.  We are the first hospital in the western suburbs to offer various cancer treatments through our clinical trials program.  Our staff, as well as patients, are extremely excited about the Cancer Center's clinical trials; the trials bring us one step closer to finding a cure.


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